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Katarzyna Sobczak-Wróblewska is an independent curator, living and working in Lisbon.  Her background is in Philosophy and Art Criticism, which she studied back in Poland.  She has been involved in Lisbon's art scene for two years, mainly by developing projects with local artists.

In the meantime, she is developing her project called Contemporary Art Tours Lisbon, which is focused on the art gallery scene in the city.  Simultaneously, she is creating projects for eastern European artists with the intention of bringing them more exposure in Portugal and throughout the world.  Her interest lies with visual arts, especially installation and site-specific art.  


photograph by Piet Niemann / MAAT by AL_A / Amanda Levete Architects


Lisbon is a city of growing importance in the world's art scene.  Amidst plenty of galleries, museums and artists' studios, each art enthusiast may find something worthy of their notice.  Increasing numbers of players in the city provides a variety of artistic profiles and different tiers of art galleries.

Portuguese art is still not well known in the world, so now is the time to discover it.  The historic background of the city, results in a mix of influences from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.  This multicultural mix is prominent and soon Lisbon will enjoy a significant place in the international contemporary art scene.


On a tour at Galeria Graca Brandao


The tours are typically around one selected area of the city - Marvila/Xabregas, São Bento / Rato / Madragoa, Bairro-Alto, Alvalade.  It is also possible to mingle two areas, depending on the time of the tour and the preferences of clients.

The reservation of the tour should be done five days in advance.  Tours can be personalized, but it's essential to inform the guide of your preferences seven days in advance.  It is also possible to mix gallery tours with a visit to to artists' studios.  Information about such a request must be submitted seven days in advance.

The Tours will take place from Wednesday to Saturday, since most of the galleries are closed from Sunday to Tuesday.  If you wish to schedule a tour on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, please inform the guide seven days in advance, in order to enable special terms for the tour.

Katarzyna provides tours in English and Polish.

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