Maya Yadid is a multidisciplinary artist and art director working in the fields of video, sculpture, installation, performance and curatorship. She has exhibited her works around the world; including The Biennial of the Frontiers (Matamores, Mexico), where her video won second prize, Tel-Aviv museum (Tel aviv Israel), Binyamin Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel), Lint-Roller Art project (Brooklyn, NY) and more.

After graduating with honors from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2014, Maya moved to New York City, where over the past two years she has led intimate art tours in the Chelsea neighborhood with her project "Chelsea Gallery Tour".



While the New York art scene relocated to the Chelsea neighborhood in the mid 90’s, it is in this particular moment that it has become the center for contemporary art in New York City. 

Chelsea's art district is home to more than 350 galleries, institutions and independent art projects. For the past 20 years it has remained a designated area for true art lovers. However, the sheer amount and intensity of the works can be difficult to navigate for the non-professional enthusiast.


The Chelsea Gallery Tour is given privately or in small groups.
Each tour lasts 2 hours, during which we will visit the most interesting and acclaimed shows on display in Chelsea at the moment. Guests will be exposed to the biographies, work methods and interpretations of each artist we view.

Focusing on shows that reveal a new, fresh angle on the contemporary art world, 
we will be discussing these works in light of social themes—such as economy, politics and globalization. Each tour is constructed to reveal multiple discourses within the art world.

Maya'S TOP 5


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