Bilbao Art & Architecture Tour


Bilbao Art & Architecture Tour

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Guide: María José Orihuela

Bilbao’s contemporary art life is inseparable from the urban & architectural transformation that took place from the late 80s onwards. In this tour, we analyze the urban, the building, its meaning: the white box inside out, acknowledging that the container of art is rarely silent –for better or worse.

Bilbao has a size that allows visitors to keep sane when trying to get a good grasp of its art scene in a day. With a population of 345,141, it is the tenth largest city in Spain. Tours are tailored to each group’s particular interests, and to current events and exhibitions. Generally, they cover three or more exhibition spaces or galleries, alongside a curated route through one of the main museums. The aim is to look for specific pieces and spaces in order to get a fair impression of what is going on in the contemporary scene, while depicting the local background of Basque art.

The prices of the 5 hour tour are increased in order to include a complimentary break for beverage & nibbles.

* Cancellation Policy: 
Full refund 5 days prior to tour
For a full refund of tour fees, cancellation must be made five full days prior to tour's hour. For example, if the tour is on Friday, cancel by the previous Sunday before tour time.
If the clients cancel less than 5 days in advance, the tour is non-refundable.