Focus on Melbourne's Contemporary Art Scene


Focus on Melbourne's Contemporary Art Scene

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Length: 3 Hours

Melbourne’s art scene is quite small but diverse. My interest sits with the visual arts and this focus directs my attention to certain galleries. There are different tiers of art galleries and ways to experience what Melbourne artists have on show. The gallery scene operates in clusters with various levels: artist-run initiatives (ARI), small non-profit organizations, commercial galleries and art institutions. The exhibition programming at each level tends to vary slightly, though this is a very simplified explanation: ARIs will usually exhibit emerging artists, non-profit organisations will promote artistic experimentation, commercial galleries will focus on solo presentations by the artists that the gallery represents, and art institutions will have larger internationally attentive exhibitions. Some of our key larger institutions include the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the National Gallery of Victoria, and Heidi Museum of Modern Art. The smaller galleries are mainly scattered around the CBD and Inner North/Northern suburbs, which is where you will find interesting exhibitions by a mix of emerging and established artists.

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