Matthew Dagher Margosian is the founder of Asia Art Tours. A former Upper School Literature Teacher in the US, he also studied Chinese and after becoming fluent in Mandarin moved to Taiwan, where he worked for the past several years in luxury travel. 

Matthew left the world of conventional luxury travel to start Asia Art Tours.  He is delighted to be working with OhSoArty to help travelers from all over the world discover the arts and artists of Asia. 

The Company

These are Matthew's hopes for Asia Art Tours:  

        1. To promote a more equal union between STEM and ARTS education.  Showing how they don’t compete but instead compliment one another

        2. To offer clients meetings with artists that allow them to create their own meaning, (making ceramics with the potter herself, rather than purchasing it in a store with no backstory). 
        3. To offer Western Artists the opportunity to collaborate with their counterparts in Asia,  encouraging cross-cultural dialogue. 
        4. To offer intersectional spaces for more engineering-minded travelers to connect with and better understand the arts. (Remembering that without the influence of Japanese Design, there would be no iPhone!)




If you're interested in taking a tour with Asia Art Tours contact Oh So Arty at the form below.

Asia Art Tours offers encounters with artists and art activities throughout Asia in Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.

These tours are multi-day tours of varying lengths but generally between through to ten days maximum.

Some Examples are: 

Writing haikus in a centuries old teahouse with an expert of Haiku on the same desk as the masters of old. Rather than merely ride elephants and sit on the beach, go on a deep dive into the world of contemporary Thai Art with some of its most cutting-edge figures. Or take a trip to learn how Sri Lanka has shed its colonial heritage and created their own dynamic art and literary culture. These are just a few examples from the hundreds of artists we work with in Asia. We promise you’ll discover a completely different Asia, and a holiday unlike any other as you dive deep into the art that matters to you, with Asia’s best artists. 


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