May is maybe my favourite month in Rome because it’s pretty warm but windy, it smells like flowers, it’s colorful and blossoming everywhere. The contemporary art scene is blossoming too so it’s easy to find some cool event or art show going on and everything is getting ready for the hot-touristy season up coming. 

Exhibition title: Nature Forever
Artist: Piero Gilardi
Venue: The MAXXI 
Dates: Until October 15, 2017 

Pop art mixed with ecologist and political italian issues, this solo exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest artists of the late 1960s movement “Arte Povera” is first of all a deep comprehension of his carreer that was absolutely different from all the other artists of the same movement. Second, it’s really so much fun because of the many interactive installations which will challenge your sense of humor and even your capacity to understand the multiple social meanings behind.

Exhibition title: Trilogia del silenzio, capitolo II (Trilogy of silence, chapter II)
Artist: Lee Madgwick
Venue: White Noise Gallery
Dates: Until May 31, 2017

After the great success of the project “Dismaland” with Banksy, Lee Madgwick shows his oil paintings in Rome for the first time. Lonely buildings, immersed in landscapes with no reference to time and space, recalls the atmosphere of De Chirico and the attitude of Hopper but in a brand new way. The sense of eternal stand-by of the exhibition offers a new point of view but with an extraordinary peace of mind.

Exhibition title: Equivalences
Artist: Giuseppe Penone
Venue: Gagosian gallery
Dates: Until June 15, 2017 

Deeply poetic, Penone’s engagement with nature and time reveals the deepest power of art and this is what you feel when you move around his sculptures. The inner essence of nature is freed from the human aesthetic process of sculpturing, revealing a new sense of life.

Header Image: Paz Paloscia - White Noise Galler

Header Image: Paz Paloscia - White Noise Galler