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As Principal Advisor of SZ | Advisory, Sharón Zoldan works with individuals, corporations, and institutions in pursuing acquisitions as well as developing nascent collections. She guides clients in the process of procurement through tailored consultations, site and studio visits, private viewings, and gallery tours. She travels extensively along the circuit of international art fairs and auctions, meeting clients worldwide to survey several regions regularly. Sharón gleans these platforms for insight and intel into market trends to best provide recommendations to clients based upon their interests and intentions. 
Her background in Italian Renaissance Art, along with her experiences working with auction houses Paddle8 and Christie’s, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and corporate clients like Restoration Hardware and Soho House have bolstered strong relationships with artists, art dealers, nonprofit organizations, and auction houses.
Ultimately, Sharón’s success lies in her deep appreciation of artists. Through her involvement with various non-profits, such as LAXART and the American Friends of the Israel Museum, she maintains a collecting as philanthropy approach as her mantra.


While Los Angeles has been a major cultural hub for years, over the past decade, it has truly burgeoned as beacon paramount for artists. With its warm weather and larger studio spaces, the city has lured artists and gallerists alike. Besides the incredible array of institutions – be it the Hammer Museum, the Getty Center, MoCA, LACMA, or the newly minted Broad – there are a slew of galleries to visit with dynamic programming year-round. Because of the sprawling nature of LA, it isn’t easy to pinpoint a city center; it’s best to survey the city by neighborhood. Hollywood, in particular, has seen an influx of new spaces: Matthew Marks has expanded to add another space in addition to their Ellsworth Kelly-designed showroom, legendary light and space artist James Turrell designed the expanses of Kayne Griffin Corcoran with stunning skylights and luscious landscaping; Regan Projects moved into a colossal storefront; Michael Kohn scaled up, and Various Small Fires and David Kordanksy built out impressive spaces, as well. Similarly, Downtown has seen a swarm of spaces spring up. Most excitingly, Hauser Wirth and Schimmel unveiled its 100,000 square-foot gallery, complete with community garden, restaurant, bookstore and teaching facilities. If you happen to venture West, LA Louver is a bastion for some of today’s Modern Masters: from David Hockney and the estate of Ken Price to Leon Kossoff and Richard Deacon. There is always, of course, Gagosian Gallery, as well, with successive blockbuster shows in Beverly Hills.


As an LA native, Sharón strives for educational programming that is insightful, intimate, and otherwise inaccessible – tours with curators, glimpses into private collections for inspiration, and studio visits with artists in their element. It is precisely her knowledge of the market and her earnest passion for the art world that grants those who work with her exclusive access to experiences that are always innovative, relevant and engaging. Through this approach, she aims to introduce patrons to emerging and established artists – educating them on individual players but also on the market as a whole.

Example itineraries have included mock auctions with local auction houses for larger groups, private museum tours, tailored gallery exhibition viewings plus a look behind-the-scenes, intimate visits to artist studios, workshops with local printers / publishers, art fair walkthroughs, and surveys of artist-run spaces for those interested in the LA emerging art scene.

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