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Berlin Art Tours

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About Oh So Arty Berlin Tours

Tour Details

Each Berlin neighborhood or ‘Kiez’ has its very own vibe and atmosphere, as well as its own particular art scenes. From experimental to blue-chip, from stately collectors' homes to low-key art spaces, Art Tours Berlin takes you around the city's exciting variety of contemporary art scenes. See the latest gallery exhibitions, visit artist studios or private art collections, experience an auction sale or join us at an opening event to mingle with the art crowd. We take a look behind the scenes and meet with the artists, gallery managers and collectors to get the real inside scoop.

Oh So Arty Privileges

Visiting a gallery with Oh So Arty means you'll have the exclusive privilege to meet with a gallery director or owner. The opportunity to visit an artist's private studio is rare and special. On this tour you'll be able to discuss the artist's work with them intimately and get a behind the scenes look at their creative process. You can engage in a meaningful dialogue with these insiders as you tour their most current exhibitions. 

Insider Details

Together, Constance van Berckel and Ariela Braunschweig offer private guided contemporary art tours for young professionals, private groups as well as corporate teams. Constance van Berckel has a background in Art History combined with an Art Business MA from Sotheby’s Institute LA. Constance has extensive experience in the international art market, and knows her way to the best gallery openings and hottest artists in town. Ariela Braunschweig gained valuable event and gallery management experiences in Zurich and worked at renowned institutions in New York. In Berlin Ariela pursues a masters in Art History at Freie University. Her knowledge and interest in art history, add an exciting in-depth view to any art tour.

Tour Options

1. Introduction Tour

Length: 1.5-2 Hours

Number of venues: 3 venues

1-2 people: 240 USD

3-5 people: 280 USD

6-10 people: 430 USD

2. Focus Tour

Length: 2.5-3 Hours

Number of venues: 3-4 venues  

1-2 people: 310 USD

3-5 people: 360 USD

6-10 people: 500 USD

3. In-Depth Tour

Length: 5 Hours

Number of venues: 5-6 venues

1-2 people: 400 USD

3-5 people: 510 USD

6-10 people: 710 USD