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About Oh So Arty Bilbao Tours

Tour Details
Bilbao has a size that allows visitors to keep sane when trying to get a good grasp of its art scene in a day. Tours are tailored to each group’s particular interests, and to current events and exhibitions. We offer three different types of tours in Bilbao: Gallery Tour, Art & Architecture, and Art & Wine. Please scroll down for more information.

Oh So Arty Privileges
Visiting a gallery with Oh So Arty means you'll have the exclusive privilege to meet with a gallery director or owner. The opportunity to visit an artist's private studio is rare and special. On this tour you'll be able to discuss the artist's work with them intimately and get a behind the scenes look at their creative process. You can engage in a meaningful dialogue with these insiders as you tour their most current exhibitions. 

Insider Details
María José Orihuela is a practicing architect based between Bilbao and London. Maria holds a Master of Arts in History & Critical Thinking from the AA School in London. She has recently been awarded with a First prize by the TWRB Foundation at EMMA Museum of Modern Art (Finland) in the  competition ‘Sharing’, in partnership with Chiara Montgomerie. 

Tour Options
1. Art Tour
The construction and deconstruction of tradition is the thread that will weave this unique view of the city’s art scene. Through the city’s most renowned artists, but also the new, daring, young ones, its street art, and even the established but not cumbersome beaux arts museum. Feel free to express your your particular interests, since the route gets better the more tailored it is to its participants.
Length: Upon request [2-5 hours]

Price Range: $240-$740

2. Art & Architecture Tour
Bilbao’s contemporary art life is inseparable from the urban & architectural transformation that took place from the late 80s onwards. In this tour, we analyze the urban, the building, its meaning: the white box inside out, acknowledging that the container of art is rarely silent –for better or worse.
Length: Upon request [2-5]

Price Range: $240-$740

3. Art & Wine Tour
In a gallery, between one hanging painting and the next one there is always some extent of plain wall, often white. This threshold allows our mind to leave one work of art and enter the next one, like a necessary silence in our experience of art. The Art & Wine tour proposes a brief stop for a glass of wine and a nibble that will be our “mind cleanser” between different kinds of Bilbao art galleries. The glass of wine will be carefully curated by a collaborator, adding cuisine to the cultural experience, and thus, providing a round balanced vision of Basque spirit.
Length: Upon request [2-5 hours]

Price Range: $240-$740

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If the clients cancel less than 5 days in advance, the tour is non-refundable.