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Lisbon Art Tours

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About Oh So Arty Lisbon Tours

Tour Details
Oh So Arty tours in Lisbon visit a variety of unique art spaces. Depending on the type of tour selected you will visit galleries, artists' studios and artist-run spaces in various neighborhoods of the city. Please scroll down for more details on specific tour options.

Oh So Arty Privileges
Visiting a gallery with Oh So Arty means you'll have the exclusive privilege to meet with a gallery director or owner. The opportunity to visit an artist's private studio is rare and special. On this tour you'll be able to discuss the artist's work with them intimately and get a behind the scenes look at their creative process. You can engage in a meaningful dialogue with these insiders as you tour their most current exhibitions. 

Insider Details
Your guide for this tour is Kasia. She is a young curator who moved to Lisbon for research and inspiration. She is currently working in a commercial gallery and curating exhibitions with Da Luz Collective, which she is part of.

Tour Types
1. Introduction Tour
Length: 2 hours
Number of Venues: 2 galleries | 1 artist studio | 1 neighborhood 

1-2 people: 240 USD

3-5 people: 280 USD

6-10 people: 430 USD

11-15 people: 500 USD

2. Focus Tour
Length: 2.5 - 3 hours
Number of Venues:  4 | artist studios, galleries, artist-run spaces
*the quantity of each venue can change based on your preferences (for example: 2 galleries | 1 artist studio | 1 artist-run space)

1-2 people: 310 USD

3-5 people: 360 USD

6-10 people: 500 USD

11-15 people: 710 USD

3.In-Depth Tour
Length: 5 hours
Number of Venues: 6 | artist studios, galleries, artist-run spaces
*the quantity of each venue can change based on your preferences (for example: 3 galleries | 2 artist studio | 1 artist-run space)
*coffee break in local pastelaria included in the price of this tour

1-2 people: 400 USD

3-5 people: 510 USD

6-10 people: 710 USD

11-15 people: 1,000 USD

4. Peek Tour
Length: 1 hour
Number of venues: 2

1-2 people: 140 USD

3-5 people: 200 USD

6-10 people: 300 USD

11-15 people: 400 USD

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* Cancellation Policy: 
Full refund 5 days prior to tour
For a full refund of tour fees, cancellation must be made five full days prior to tour's hour. For example, if the tour is on Friday, cancel by the previous Sunday before tour time.
If the clients cancel less than 5 days in advance, the tour is non-refundable.