Zuzanna Zasacka is an art historian from Warsaw. After graduating with a degree in Art History from University of Warsaw, she has worked at art venues such as Kolonie Gallery and Archeology of Photography Foundation representing contemporary Polish art.

A few years ago Zuzanna decided to narrow down her focus on the education and popularization of contemporary Polish art.  She works as a guide and educator at Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture.


The Warsaw gallery scene is very vivid, relatively young and constantly changing. One important aspect of the scene is the private initiatives which started in apartments in the city center. These galleries, which started to emerge in late nineties, include Foksal Gallery Foundation and Raster Gallery. Another part are the national galleries with a long tradition such, as Zachęta National Gallery of Art, established in 1900. Yet another example is the case of Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, which has a very interesting program and wide recognition.

In Warsaw, you will be more likely to visit galleries in former boutiques and in buildings stemming from communist times, or in flats and tenements from the 19th century than in the modern white cube spaces  that are typical for commercial galleries.


Zuzanna provides tours to galleries, art spaces, museums, artist studios and temporary festivals in English and Polish. She offers tours in Warsaw as well as in Łódź. During the tours, guests will have the opportunity to talk or listen to curators, gallerists and artists involved with the visited exhibitions.

Zuzanna used to guide curators and journalists from all over the world as part of a study visit program run by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, an institution responsible for the promotion of Polish culture abroad. She often leads tours and workshops for teenagers, kids and families—thus gaining the ability to talk about complex ideas using an accessible and illustrative language.

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