The Top Arty Destinations This Fall

The Top Arty Destinations This Fall

With copious art events to choose from this season, we decided to create a handy list of the top five global arty events we recommend.  


Event: Vienna Contemporary

Dates: September 21st to September 24th

Venue: Marx Halle | Vienna Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Vienna

Vienna insider, Itai Margula has declared Vienna Contemporary, “a must see in the Viennese art calendar”! This year the fair includes 110 galleries and cultural institutions from 27 different countries and will present the art of over 500 artists. It is precisely this international aspect of the fair that makes it a must for Itai. He told us, “offering an intriguing selection of contemporary art in Central and Eastern Europe together with an exquisite set of Austrian and international galleries, the fair has gained the reputation of bridging the East and the West.” 

“A highlight of the program is ZONE1, an established format showcasing the work of young artists” explained Itai. The ten artists selected for ZONE1 are all below the age of 40 and were either born or educated in Austria. Of the artists highlighted this year, Itai recommends seeing the work of Kay Walkowiak (Zeller van Almsick Gallery), “whose sculptural objects open up a choreography of references on the canon of forms of 20th-century painting”, and Samuel Schaab (Unttld Contemporary), “who developed a performative installation especially for ZONE1.” 

Take a private tour with Itai in Vienna to discover more!

© viennacontemporary / A. Murashkin

© viennacontemporary / A. Murashkin


Event: Fiac (International Contemporary Art Fair)

Dates: October 19th to October 22nd

Venue: Grand Palais | Avenue Winston Churchill 75008 Paris | and other venues

Our Paris insider, Judith Souriau, couldn't be more ready for Fiac and the exciting energy it brings to the city! "The Fiac week is bursting with events and parties", Judith explained, "and both galleries and museums keep their best shows for that time of year. If you’re into modern and contemporary art it’s definitely the best time to visit Paris". This year Fiac will feature around 180 galleries within the Grand Palais which include both established major galleries and the emerging generation. The Lafayette Sector is best for those visitors inclined towards the younger generation of gallerists, as it was created to seek out and promote galleries who have existed for ten years or less. 

The majority of the fair will be held within the Grand Palais however make sure to explore the Hors les murs (outside the walls) programmes free of cost in the Jardin des Tuileries, Place Vendôme, and Musée Delacroix. Judith is also looking forward to going beyond the walls of the Grand Palais, she said, "I can’t wait to put on my sneakers and walk not only the Fiac but smaller fairs such as Paris Internationale and Asia Now that bring to town the very best of international contemporary art galleries."

Take a private tour with Judith to discover more!

Galerie du Secteur Général: Kohn Gallery / Artiste: Lita Albuquerque / Titre de l'oeuvre: Fibonacci Lunar Activation / Année: 2017 / ©the artiste and Kohn Gallery

Galerie du Secteur Général: Kohn Gallery / Artiste: Lita Albuquerque / Titre de l'oeuvre: Fibonacci Lunar Activation / Année: 2017 / ©the artiste and Kohn Gallery


Event: Frieze London

Dates: October 5th to October 8th

Venue: Regent's Park 

“Frieze week is my favourite time of year" our London insider, Marine Tanguy gushed, "I am very much looking forward to seeing the stand of Blum & Poe gallery as it's one of my favourite Los Angeles galleries and Frieze is a great opportunity to visit international art galleries on your doorstep." While Frieze London focuses exclusively on contemporary art Frieze Masters, which is running simultaneously to Frieze London, includes international modern and historical galleries.    

Take a private tour with Marine to discover more!




Event: Warsaw Gallery Weekend

Dates: September 22nd to September 24th

Venue: Various Galleries

2017 marks the seventh year of Warsaw Gallery Weekend, a three day activity-packed fair organized by private galleries in the city showcasing contemporary art. The gallery scene in Warsaw is fairly young which makes this fair all the more exciting as the city comes into its own in the art world. Included in the event are two galleries that came to prominence early in the emerging Warsaw scene during the late nineties, Foksal Gallery Foundation and Raster Gallery. Make sure to stop by Raster Gallery on September 22nd for the opening of a show of Mika Tajima’s work called AIR, which coincides with the opening night of Warsaw gallery weekend.   

With 26 galleries throughout the city participating this year we asked our Warsaw insider, Zuzanna Zasacka, to tell us where to start! Zuzanna shared what she’s most excited about, “I am already looking forward to see Wilhelm Sasnal at Foksal Gallery Foundation, Katarzyna Przezwańska at Dawid Radziwszewski Gallery and Odile Bernard Schroeder at Pola Magnetyczne.” 

Take a private tour with Zuzanna to discover more!



Event: The Jerusalem Biennale

Dates: October 1st to November 16th

Venue: Various Venues 

The 2017 Jerusalem Biennale's title is Watershed, a word which "can be used as a metaphor to help us think about ourselves and the way we split and converge as individuals and groups". The Biennale is primarily interested in exploring the intersections of the Jewish world and contemporary art. We are excited to see how over 200 artists from Israel, Europe, the U.S, Russia and even India explore this theme.  

The juxtaposition of contemporary art within the context of the ancient city of Jerusalem makes this Biennale truly unique. Oh-So-Arty Jerusalem insider, Jenna Romano, said the Biennale "is bigger than ever, and this year features... 27 exhibitions at 8 diverse venues through out the city." One of those unique venues is the Tower of David, a structure dating to the Ottoman Empire.  

Take a private tour with Jenna to discover more!

Dawn/ Hila Ben-Ari /2011

Dawn/ Hila Ben-Ari /2011


Thumbnail Photo: Gerard & Kelly, State Of © Gerard & Kelly

Madrid Art Guide - September

Madrid Art Guide - September

Exhibition: Stains in the Silence
Artists: Cristina Lucas
Venue: Sala Alcalá 31
Dates: Until November 5th


This exhibition is a reflection whose general axes are history, time and memory, materialized through installations and video projections that delve into concepts such as the use of art as a means of historical research, conceptual poetry or the fascination with time.

The exhibition, curated by Gerardo Mosquera, includes large-format works and is articulated around the video-investigation-installation Ray that does not cease, a work in process of creation that builds a historical account of some air attacks that have caused civilian victims, from 1912 to the present. The piece is being built from the research, a process in which participants participated in the workshop of Madrid 45 (Visual Arts Program of the Community of Madrid) that Cristina Lucas gave last April, as well as a group of students from the Faculty of Geography and History of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 

Cristina Lucas .jpg
cristina lucas.jpg

Art World Insiders Share Which Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Art World Insiders Share Which Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Anyone who follows us knows we love Instagram. Of course we enjoy being able to connect with our Oh So Arty followers through the app but it also provides an exciting new way to see what goes on behind the scenes in the art world. Just recently the legendary photographer Cindy Sherman made her Instagram public and gifted the world of social media with a whole new dimension of her work. Her feed overflows with quirky selfies that only she would be capable of producing. Our interest in Cindy Sherman’s page made us wonder what other artists working today had cultivated an intriguing Instagram feed. We wanted to find out about artists from all over the world so we turned to our local insiders for their recommendations and compiled a list of our favorites!  


Katarzyna Przezwańska (@przezwa)

This polish artist, recommended by our Warsaw guide Zuzanna Zasacka (@zzzasacka), brings the same luminous imagery to her Instagram as she does to her ethereal works on canvas.  Her feed provides a look at what inspires her art including out of this world manicures, botanical gardens, and quirky postcards.

Broken Fingaz (@brokenfingaz)

Yael Shapira, who runs Alternative Tel Aviv (@alternativetlv), shared her thoughts on one of her favorite artist Instagram pages! “The Broken Fingaz Crew from Haifa, Israel, is the most known Israeli art collective worldwide. They are four men born and raised in Haifa city and today they exhibit their marvelous art pieces at galleries, museums, art fairs and streets all over the world. Be sure to also follow @ghostown04, their independent label based in Haifa, promoting local artists, producing events, a clothing line and merchandise by the BFC."

Oz Barak (@_ozbarak) 

In a world full of constant digital photography it is refreshing to see film photography, even if it’s through the screen of your phone.  That’s exactly what you’ll see in the feed of portrait photographer Oz Barak, recommended by Jenna Romano (@jenna_h_romano).  Barak shares some of his most intimate and romantic works through his Instagram feed and it creates a strong nostalgic sentiment in the viewer.

Jennifer Abessira (@jenniferabessira)

Our London insider, Marine Tanguy (@marinetanguyart), loves the feed of artist Jennifer Abessira.  Jennifer’s feed brought an instant smile to our faces through it’s lively use of primary colors and hashtags.  A few of our favorite hashtags include #bauhausvibes, #SheWantedtoDieButSheAlsoWantedToLiveInParis, and #aGirlsAgunPeowPeow.  With gems like these it’s safe to say the Oh-So-Arty team is #following.    

Laurie Simmons (@lauriesimmons)

As the mother of one of the most provocative personalities of our time, Lena Dunham, it’s expected that Laurie Simmons would have an interesting Instagram.  Simmons is an important cultural figure in her own right and her feed provides a glimpse into her exciting life as a member of the New York art world, which is why our Paris insider Judith Souriau (@untitled_consulting) recommends giving her a follow.   

Elad Rosen (@eladrosen)

Shani Werner (@talkingarttlv) who runs the blog, Talking Art, suggests following artist, Elad Rosen.  Shani told us, "Elad is a painter and ceramics artist based in Tel Aviv and represented by the Rosenfeld gallery. His works are full of dark humor and stretch the boundaries between what is considered raw and aesthetic."

Marian Tubbs (@mariantubbs)

Our new Melbourne insider, Charlotte Cornish (@thehoneymoonsuite_) is a loyal follower of Marian Tubbs quirky feed.  If you like what you see on Tubbs feed be sure to check out her comprehensive website for more of her interesting work.   

The Photo House (@thephotohousetlv)

Venture back in time with the monochromatic feed of late master photographer Rudi Weissenstein, whose work is posted through the platform, The Photo House.  Shani Werner (@talkingarttlv) explained, "The Photo House maintains the archive and heritage of photographer Rudi Weissenstein who worked in Tel Aviv in the early 30s. This is a real delight for all you “oldies” fans out there."

Pipilotti Rist (@pipilottirist)

Our new Zurich insider, Diana Poole (@diana_poole_photography), recomends Pipilotti Rist.  Poole told us, "A pioneer of video art, since the mid-eighties, Pipilotti Rist’s film installations have taken on many guises. She has likened them to handbags: "because there is room in them for everything: painting, technology, language, music, flowing pictures, poetry, commotion, premonitions of death, sex and friendliness.’ Rist draws together inner and outer worlds of kaleidoscopic colour and wonderment."

Samira Yamin (@samirayamin)

LA guide, Sharón Zoldan (@sharonzoldan), says Samira Yamin is an LA based artist on the rise, who has "an incredible eye for details, and her Instagram feed is a perfect extension of the beautiful symmetry she finds in the every day."

Matthew Griffin (@contemporaryary)

Our veteran Melbourne guide, Melissa Loughnan (@utopianmel) recommends New York based Australian artist Matthew Griffin.  This artist's feed is full of tongue in cheek photoshopped works that poke fun at contemporary culture. 

David aiu Servan-Schreiber (@davidaiu)

In 2017 some artists feel that they have a responsibility to be political with their work. David aiu Servan-Schreiber promotes his message to protect the earth from climate change through his art and instagram, which is why he’s a favorite of London guide Marine Tanguy (@marinetanguyart).  His Instagram bio reads, “I am an Artist who cares about the climate change”.  Go beyond his bio for images of his art, inspiration, and personal life.

Tschabalala Self (@tschabalalaself)

Tschabalala Self’s Instagram is as colorful and eye-catching as her artwork.  Our Parisian art guide Judith Souriau (@untitled_consulting) said about Self, “I like her humour and energy.”  That humour and energy both come across in Self’s feed and it’s definitely worth a follow.  

Nitzan Mintz (@nitzanmintz)

Yael Shapira (@alternativetlv) also recommends Nitzan Mintz for some street art inspiration.  Shapira told us, “Nitzan Mintz is a street poet or ‘visual poet’ as she puts it. Her art is a very unique work with letters but it doesn't really fit in the classic category of ‘graffiti’, even though it could be considered as ‘street art’. Her distinct signature fonts cover walls all over the world and she also exhibit studio pieces in various art spaces. Be sure to also follow the artist Dede, her studio mate and life partner (@dedebandaid)”

Max Maslansky (@bathos_country)

LA based guide, Sharón Zoldan (@sharonzoldan) love the feed of artist Max Maslansky.  Zoldan said, “his work is sexy and funny. His figurative painting of 1970s porn stills are instantly recognizable. Following his feed on Instagram is a total kick. He mines the internet to post random photos of outrageous memes and hilarious moments forever preserved on the internet for all to see. His current obsession: crabs.”

Douglas Mandry (@douglasmandry)

Diana Poole (@diana_poole_photography), our Zurich insider, recommends emerging artist, Douglas Mandry. Poole told us, “his focus is on manipulating and distorting the materiality of the photographic medium in order to examine our representations of, and relation with, the natural world. He reworks prints through retouching, puncturing, rubbing, disintegrating, adding light, smoke and texture - often allowing an element of chance, the results are always mesmerizing.”

Jessica Tamar Deutsch (@jessica_tamar_deutsch) 

Jenna Romano (@jenna_h_romano) loves the adorable illustrations that fill Jessica Deutsch's Instagram feed.  Her colorful sketches of street scenes and flowers stand out against the millions of photos on the app.  If you want to see more of her work check out her new book 'The Illustrated Pirkei Avot: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Ethics'.




San Francisco Art Guide - September & October

San Francisco Art Guide - September & October

These are some of the top Gallery and Museum shows that I highly recommend for the end of summer and beginning of fall in San Francisco.


Exhibition title: Begin Anywhere: Paths of Mentorship and Collaboration
Artists: Amanda Boe, McNair Evans, Kevin Kunishi with Jason
Fulford, Todd Hido, Mark Mahaney, Mike Smith and Alec Soth as
Venue: SF Camerawork
Dates: Until October 14th


This exhibition, Begin Anywhere: Paths of Mentorship and Collaboration (which was curated by Monique Deschaines), is the evolution of the artistic practice during the exploration of mentorship, collaboration and sharing of ideas and inspiration. The 3 artists, Amanda Boe, McNair Evans and Kevin Kunishi, all go back to their roots exploring the ideas of home, family, identity and landscapes.  The distinct artistic styles and influence of the well known and respected mentors can clearly be seen in the work created by their mentorees. In conjunction with
the exhibition SF Camerawork released the stunning publication Begin Anywhere.




Exhibition title: Grinding
Artist: Takis, Kazuo Shiraga, Tom Sachs, Sterling Ruby, Jour
Pour, Oscar Murillo, Petra Cortright, Petra Collins, Mario Ayala
Dates: Until October 21st


Ever Gold [Projects], based at the Minnesota Street Project, presents Grindings, a group exhibition featuring work by Mario Ayala, Petra Collins, Petra Cortright, Oscar Murillo, Kour Pour, Sterling Ruby, Tom Sachs, Kazuo Shiraga, and Takis.  This vibrant group exhibition includes several young and international artists who all work in various mediums. Although quite young in age many of these artists are quite established and have work in well-known museums and collections all around the world. The works created by the various artists, all distinct in style, play off each other very nicely to create a very interesting and cohesive exhibition.



Exhibition title: Soundtracks
Artist: Venue: SFMOMA
Dates: Until January 1, 2018


Soundtracks is the first exhibition that the SFMOMA has had which explores the role of sound in relationship to contemporary art. This group exhibition is cross-generational and includes artists from around the world. Included in the exhibition are various mediums and several of the works are interactive; making this exhibition fun to explore for all.


Lisbon Art Guide - September

Lisbon Art Guide - September

September in Lisbon is a time of new openings and end of summer shows. It’s the perfect moment for coming to the city and exploring the local art scene. This month is always full of openings and fresh, inspiring projects. On the one hand we can observe well-known galleries starting autumn exhibition season, on the other hand there are a variety of smaller art festivals and new projects to come out. By being here in September you can observe vibrant Portuguese art in its best moment of the year. 


Exhibition: Bairro das Artes
Artists: various artists
Venue: various venues
Dates: 21st of September 2017 | 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Bairro das Artes (Arts Quarter) is annual event since 2010, which gathers more than 30 galleries. It’s occasion to enjoy the best art during one evening, when institutions prolong their opening hours or prepare a new show to begin that day. Event is located on one of seven hills of Lisbon, so it’s easy and comfortable to stroll around it. Neighborhoods of São Bento, Bairro Alto and Chiado are full of spots for hipster hang outs, so after art there is always something to do. 

bairro das artes_Lisboa_September.jpg


Exhibition: NEW WORK
Artists: Binelde Hyrcan, Tiago Alexandre, Dealmeida Esilva, Horácio Frutuoso, Nikolai Nekh
Venue: Balcony Gallery | Rua Coronel Bento Roma 12 A, Lisboa
Dates: 21st of September to November 11th 

Balcony Gallery is the newest contemporary art gallery in Lisbon. On 20th of September they will open their doors for the first time. The idea is to promote young Portuguese and international art scene. Gallery will organize six exhibitions per year, both collective and individual, highlighting the first solo exhibitions of young artists and the regular presentation of new names in dialogue with the artists represented by the gallery. NEW WORK exhibition is the first show, in which all the represented artists will participate and create new artworks dedicated to gallery’s space. 

balcony gallery.jpg



Exhibition: Portugal em Flagrante: Operation 1, 2 and 3
Artist: various artists
Venue: Modern Collection, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Dates: until 18th November 

“Portugal em Flagrante” is a semi-permanent exhibition of the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian’s Modern Collection designed to offer an introduction to the history of art and culture in Portugal during the twentieth century. The exhibition occupies three floors of gallery and presents institution’s collection for the first time in 25 years. Order of exhibition is chronological and organized with specific forms of expression: paper, painting and sculpture. All the artworks are accompanied with introduction abouttimesthey were made and the cultural background of Portugal back then.
It’s perfect choice for those who would like to understand more about modern and contemporary art in Portugal. 

calouse gulbenkian.jpg

Vienna Art Guide - September

Vienna Art Guide - September


Exhibition: Sir
Artist: Fischerspooner
Venue:  MUMOK
Dates: June 30 to October 29

Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner founded their art, music, and performance project FISCHERSPOONER in 1998 in New York. Success came quickly after perfomances at MoMA and their song „Emerge“ which landed a top 40 hit in the British charts in 2002. With their show „Sir“ they present their own queer-lustrous and passionate universe. A site specific installation remodels Spooner´s New York apartment. The installation is an artistic extension of their new album project, produced by Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) Curated by: Marianne Dobner.

Photo: Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner © Mumok | Foto: Yuki James

Photo: Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner © Mumok | Foto: Yuki James


Exhibition : HOT HOT HOT
Artist: Toni Schmale
Venue: Secession
Dates: September 14 to November 05

Toni Schmale´s works in mediums such as installation, performance, sculpture, animation, video and drawing question the gender constructions that exist in social power relations. Objects made of hot-dip galvanised steel with an electrostatic powder coating as well as concrete and moulded rubber refer to subjects such as sexuality and gender, fetishism, sport and physical exertion. 

Photo: Toni Schmale, wildkatze, 2016, Courtesy oft he artist and Galerie Christine König, Photo: Peer Sievers

Photo: Toni Schmale, wildkatze, 2016, Courtesy oft he artist and Galerie Christine König, Photo: Peer Sievers


Exhibition: curated by_vienna: image/reads/text
Artist: Various artist
Venue: Various Galleries
Dates: September 15 to October 14

Curated By is Vienna's gallery festival. Every Year, curated by_vienna is dedicated to a specific theme. The festival´s title „image/reads/text“ was coined by the artist Heinrich Dunst. This year you will find 21 individual exhibitions in 21 Galleries related to this broad horizon.

Photo: Calacatta Gold, 2017 © Hong Zeiss | Foto: Manuel Lopez

Photo: Calacatta Gold, 2017 © Hong Zeiss | Foto: Manuel Lopez

Vienna and Tel Aviv - so different, and yet...

Vienna and Tel Aviv - so different, and yet...

Staying true to custom, like all other Israelis, I found myself spending August not in Israel. Austria was the destination and Vienna was the peak of excitement. Vienna, a city of emperors and palaces and art. What could a street art lover from Tel Aviv find? Not to worry, there was plenty!

First things first, Vienna is a Mecca for art and museum lovers. While I love all things street, edgy and anti-institution, the art history graduate in me had to check some of these marvelous treasure troves off my list. The Albertina Museum, just across the street from the glorious Vienna state opera house, has a permanent display of the Habsburg State Rooms from the 19th century in which one can admire original sketches and pieces by old masters like Da Vinci and Viennese icons of Modernism like Klimt and Schiele. 


However along with this extravagant piece of history, was an excellent exhibition of contemporary art. Look! New Acquisitions was a unique display of a group of contemporary art recently purchased for the museum’s collection. Surprisingly so, my Tel Aviv street art eye was able to spot a cool connection to the streets of Tel Aviv, even in this distant setting. Burhan Dogancay is a 20th century American Turkish artist who is mostly known for his pieces inspired by walls in the urban landscape of the mid-20th century. During the 70’s Dogancay started a project of photographing walls all over the world. “Walls of the World” actually started in Israel! Graffiti and street art served as a central source of inspiration for this ambitious and innovative project. The pieces in the exhibition have words and letters in Hebrew that can easily be identified.


The paper pieces Dogancay created based on his photographs in Israel are on display in the exhibition Look! New Acquisitions in ongoing until October 8th at the Albertina Museum.


After the museum led me to walls I was thinking I should cut the middle man and find some walls for myself. Vienna has a wonderful source of information for this, the website Vienna Murals. A quick look will prove that Vienna is rich in art in the public space just as it is between the museum and gallery walls. I was specifically intrigued by the walls on the canal banks. Vienna, who’s city center or Innerstaad, is located south to the Danube River, is parted by an arm of the river, the Donaukanal. On the banks one can find many restaurants and bars, and one in particular needed to be checked out – The Vienna Tel Aviv Beach. Equipped with sand and lounge chairs, this place serves cold drinks with a beachy ambiance, and is named after the best beach in the world, at least I think so. On the walls of the bank are dozens of large scale murals to enjoy with a drink in your hand.


Finally after such long walks and such great art, you can’t help but look for a meal. The Vienna Naschmarket is the coolest place to go, offering many small, young and hip places to grab a bite from a variety of different cuisines. If you thought the Israeli street art scene didn’t pop up here – think again. At Neni, they not only serve great Israeli food, but they also have a piece by our local favorite duo – Dede Bandaid and Nitzan Mintz. At night the market booths are closed and their gates are covered in art pieces. If you take a walk around you can’t miss the two large walls they created there.


Great food, great drinks, great art and all in reference to home. Vienna and Tel Aviv are definitely different but it was great to see Tel Aviv through the Viennese angle.

Book a Street Art Tour with Alternative Tel Aviv here.

Book a private art tour in Vienna with Itai here.

Melbourne Art Guide - September

Melbourne Art Guide - September

Earlier weeks in September have been a little quieter than usual in Melbourne. There have been art fairs, events and exhibitions up in Sydney, so much of the Melbourne art world has been interstate either participating or viewing all that is on offer. Nevertheless, this was only one week during September, so there has still be some exceptional exhibitions on in Melbourne during this month. Heidi Museum of Modern art is presenting an extensive survey on Australian artists from different generations engaging with artistic sensibilities rooted in Constructivism, an exceptional solo exhibition by an earlier career female artist Isadora Vaughan at The Honeymoon Suite and a tight exhibition at Bus Projects by Daisy Watkins-Harvey. 


Exhibition: Call of the Avant-Garde: Constructivism and Australian Art
Artist: over seventy Australian artists
Venue: Heidi Museum of Modern Art  
Dates: until 8th October  

This extensive survey of over seventy artists explores how Australian artists have responded to Constructivism art movement and illustrates an enduring call upon Australian artistic experimentation from the 1930s to the present day. Starting from the early influence of British constructivism on Australian painters and sculptors of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, the exhibition traces a growing awareness of Russian Constructivism among artists of later generations through to contemporary practices. In keeping with the Constructivist impetus towards an integration of ideas across all the art forms, the display includes painting and sculpture, video and photography, the graphic arts as well as theatre and costume design by visual artists. Works by wide array of Australian artists Ralph Balson, Frank Hinder, Inge King, Gunter Christmann, George Johnson, Robert Owen, Rose Nolan, Justene Williams and Zoë Croggon, among many others are shown alongside those by key proponents of the original movement, such as Russian artists Rodchenko, Malevich, El Lissitzky and Alexandra Exter from Russia, and British artists Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth.

1. Heidi Museum of Modern Art. Artwork by Esther Stewart. Photo by Christian Cappuro.jpg


Exhibition: Recalictrant Bodies
Artist: Isadora Vaughan
Venue: The Honeymoon Suite  
Dates: until 23rd September  

Recalcitrant Bodies is a sculptural installation by Isadora Vaughan, which includes individual works and text by Clementine Edwards, Debris Facility, Amanda Horowitz and Aodhan Madden. Spanning across the entire gallery, Vaughan utilises steel, ceramic and glass to build a ground across the space, one that houses tender, sculptural manifestations of an imagined body’s interior. A poem by Clementine Edwards plays through earbuds strung up and threaded between a loose mobile of beeswax in the shape of a flying, mollusc-like coat hanger. 

The poem charts a non-linear experience of violence. Textile and sculptural works by Amanda Horowitz draw, tape, glue, drag, burn, and prick pictures onto bodies. She disrupts the pattern or silhouette of cloth and readymade clothing, creating costumes and backdrops for a violently stylish theatre diorama - a cape that can be worn slung across the face of power. Circling around the space, Aodhan Madden contributes a series of small texts, dissolving, weeping, moving towards absorption. In 2016 Debris Facility made a film of a performance with Vaughan’s installation Cunjevoi exhibited at Station Gallery, Melbourne in 2016. Here, the film will be represented, absorbed, reiterating the messy lines of authorship and further subverting any claims of ownership that the individual works might once have made.Recalcitrant Bodies wills felt bodies out of a recipe of dissimilar ingredients, baking them into the building’s mass. It uses the context of material enquiry to engage in the politics of synthetics, feminism, ownership and trauma; and interrogates how these things can manifest in some physical state, bound and unbound by the laws of nature. 

2. The Honeymoon Suite - Artwork by Debris Facility Amanda Horowitz and Isadora Vaughan. Photo by Andre Piguet.jpg


Exhibition: Me they shall feel while I am able to stand
Artist: Daisy Watkins-Harvey
Venue: Bus Projects
Dates: until 23rd September  

Daisy Watkins-Harvey’s Me they shall feel while I am able to stand consists of two new gestural paintings and a sculptural piece made from steel and marble. The exhibition is a meditation on fear, violence and uncertainty. Intuitive and gestural in approach, the works are studies by the artist on the expression of human emotional stages, and the indeterminate space between imagination and memory. The exhibition is presented in the smallest gallery space at Bus Projects, a non-profit organization in Collingwood that presents a tightly curated program throughout its five conjoined galleries each month. Being able to present multiple exhibitions in one month under the one roof enables introduction between artist and audience.  

3. Bus Projects - Artwork by Daisy Watkins-Harvey.jpg

Warsaw Art Guide - September

Warsaw Art Guide - September

Exhibition title: Warsaw Gallery Weekend
Venue: 26 Warsaw Galleries
Dates: 22 - 24 September 

Thanks to the Warsaw Gallery Weekend, September is an intense time for galleries in the city. For the seventh time, this important event opens the art season in the capital. More than twenty galleries are open for talks with curators, owners and artists. The event program is complemented by meetings, debates and curatorial tours organized in partnership with institutional partners.
This year many young and new galleries are invited to the event. I am already looking forward to see Wilhelm Sasnal at Foksal Gallery Foundation, Katarzyna Przezwańska at Dawid Radziwszewski Gallery and Odile Bernard Schroeder at Pole Magnetyczne. 

I. photo by Jakby Ceran

I. photo by Jakby Ceran

Exhibition title: Maria Lassnig
Venue: Zachęta — National Gallery of Art
Dates: Until 15 October, 2017

Zachęta presents the first retrospective in Poland of one of the most original painters of the twentieth century, Maria Lassnig (1919–2014, Austria).
Featuring large scale paintings that reveal her long standing exploration of the body and self-representation the exhibition spans her career; from work made during the 1940s in Vienna, periods spent in Paris and New York, her return to Austria in 1980 and paintings made in the final years of Lassnig's  life.

II. Lady with Brain (Dame mit Hirn), c. 1990, © Maria Lassnig Foundation

Venue: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
Dates: 15 September – 29 October, 2017

The exhibition of Oskar and Zofia Hansen’s legacy showcases various aspects of the Open Form theory, which was the axis of their architectural, artistic and educational work. According to Hansen the mission of architecture should be showcasing people and the richness of their daily activity in space. Architecture should highlight subjectivity and create a framework for individual expression, become an instrument that can be used and transformed by its users and that can easily adapt to their changing needs.


Jerusalem Art Guide - September

Jerusalem Art Guide - September

What I love about Jerusalem in September is that it is, to some extent, a transitional artistic time - between vacation and the school year, between summer and the Jewish ‘high holidays season’, between the galleries year-end to the opening of fresh new art season! September is a month that leads up to many formative events in the Jerusalem art world in October (we’re looking forward to the Jerusalem Biennale and Manofim Art Festival), and meanwhile Jerusalem’s art scene is setting a unique, auspicious tone - use these recommendations as an art guide to September in Jerusalem.

Exhibition title: The Sweet Water Canal
Artist/s: Hili Greenfeld, curated by Hadas Glazer
Venue: Art Cube Artists’ Studios
Dates: On view until October 13, 2017. 

Hili Greenfeld’s solo exhibition Sweet Water Canal deals with a number of drawings and objects that an Israeli soldier took from an abandoned Egyptian home during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. The soldier became an artist himself and a teacher at Bezalel Academy and revealed these objects to Greenfeld because of the resemblance between these works and her own. Following the discovery, she started to work on this exhibition where she creates a tribute to the anonymous Egyptian painter, and ultimately deals with the lack of cultural relations between Israel and Egypt. 

Hili Greenfeld, _The Sweet Water Canal_ Exhibition view..jpg

Exhibition title: Sun’s Pirouette
Artist/s: Hadas Duchan 
Venue: Barbur Gallery 
Dates: Until September 15th

It’s always exciting to witness the first professional steps from young artists in Jerusalem. This is the first solo show from Hadas Duchan, who graduated from Bezalel Academy two years ago. In Sun’s Pirouette the artists’ experimental work embodies concepts from biology and nature, and Duchan treats the gallery as a laboratory, merging elements such as light, sound and botany to create a space leaves us drifting into the metaphysical.

View of Hadas Duchon, _Sun's Prouette_.JPG

Exhibition title: Black Box
Artist/s: Various Artists
Venue: 97 Yafo St. Outdoor Gallery
Dates: Current exhibition on view until October

The Black Box initiative, along with the city’s Municipal Visual Arts Department and Eden Company just opened a new street gallery last month. Over the past three years they’ve been working on founding this gallery, from the initial stages of picking a location to creating unique light boxes developed to display massive scale photographs. The gallery will serve as a permanent platform to showcase artists and various exhibitions and it’s purpose is to create an artistic portal that disengages the passerby from their daily routine, and engages them with aethstetic yet challenges works of art. 

Black Box View 1.jpg

The Chilling Polarities of Louise Bourgeois

The Chilling Polarities of Louise Bourgeois

“It is not an image I am seeking. It’s not an idea. It is an emotion you want to recreate, an emotion of wanting, of giving and of destroying” - Louise Bourgeois

What is the essential link between mother and child, between self and other, between independence and interdependence, between copulation and creation, between the literal and the figurative? These are just some of the questions posed in the inaugural show of French-American artist Louise Bourgeois's work in Israel, at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The exhibition “Twosome”, jointly curated by Jerry Gorovoy and Suzanne Landau, emphasizes the duality in Louise Bourgeois's work. Bourgeois struggled with bouts of depression throughout her life which is reflected in the pieces selected for the show. The exhibition contains themes of displacement, abandonment, and anxiety, sentiments that permeated her powerful, and at times, chilling oeuvre.  

Twosome, which features over 50 works, presents a highly personal connection between the artist and her work. The art of Bourgeois is autobiographical and cannot be separated from her lived experiences. She, herself, said “my sculpture is my body”. Louise Bourgeois's somatic fascination is a strong motif throughout the exhibition. The human body, and primarily the female form, is used as a catalyst with which to explore motherhood, abandonment, love, and fear.      

Louise Bourgeois with a fabric sculpture in progress in 2009. Photo: © Alex Van Gelder / Art: © The Easton Foundation

Louise Bourgeois with a fabric sculpture in progress in 2009.
Photo: © Alex Van Gelder / Art: © The Easton Foundation

Louise Bourgeois’s had an acute awareness of the relationship between the self and others. In her consideration of relationships the artist created dialogues between contradictory concepts, such as; the conscious and unconscious, mother and child, male and female. Filial relationships are considered in both small and large scale works. Intimate pieces such as Umbilical Cord (2003) and The Birth (2007) portray the intense vulnerability Bourgeois experienced throughout her life.  A display of 17 of these smaller works, in a variety of mediums, is expertly juxtaposed with a series of installations meant to serve as confessionals.  

The exhibition's namesake piece, Twosome (1991) is a unique work for Louise Bourgeois because of its scale and industrial aesthetic. Despite its hulking presence, Twosome maintains the alluring intimacy of her smaller works. This sculptural installation is a powerful culmination of Louise Bourgeois's exploration of the complex relationship between mother and child. While the work is up for interpretation it is near impossible not to feel a maternal bond existing between the the two tanks as one perpetually moves in and out of the other, with a metal chain serving as an umbilical cord to connect them and a red light pulsing from within the steel sculpture, giving it a sense of life.    

Louise Bourgeois SPIDER COUPLE, 2003 Steel 228.6 x 360.7 x 365.8 cm. Private Collection Photo: Christopher Burke, (c) The Easton Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, NY

Louise Bourgeois
228.6 x 360.7 x 365.8 cm.
Private Collection
Photo: Christopher Burke, (c) The Easton Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, NY

While Twosome is predominantly concerned with Louise Bourgeois's relationship with her parents (Spider Couple, 2003) and then her own children, it does not neglect her reflections on romantic relationships. There is a morbid romanticism to her work that is best embodied by Couples (2003). This large sculpture fabricated in cast aluminum is perilously suspended from the gallery’s ceiling by a single string, leaving the warped lovers in a tragic free fall. The shiny exterior of Couple belies its darker purpose as a cathartic exploration of the artist’s lifelong fear of abandonment.     

Louise Bourgeois THE COUPLE, 2003 Aluminum, hanging piece 365.1 x 200 x 109.9 cm. Collection The Easton Foundation Photo: Christopher Burke, (c) The Easton Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, NY

Louise Bourgeois
Aluminum, hanging piece
365.1 x 200 x 109.9 cm.
Collection The Easton Foundation
Photo: Christopher Burke, (c) The Easton Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, NY

The figurative language used by Louise Bourgeois explores the darker side of human existence through psychoanalysis, metaphor, confession, and more. An overarching theme of duality defines this psychologically charged exhibition which will challenge viewers perception of relationships, while using polarities, to remind them that even from despair can come great beauty. The strongest element of this exhibition lies within its perceptive curatorial team and specifically, Jerry Gorovoy, who worked as an assistant to Bourgeois from the 1980s until her death in 2010. Gorovoy has conceded that working with Bourgeois could be pathological; nevertheless he remains adamant about her prowess and dexterity both as an artist and human being. 
Twosome is open at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art from September 7, 2017 to January 8, 2018, while a complimentary exhibition of Louise Bourgeois prints Pink Days / Blue Days is on view at Gordon Gallery from through October 28, 2017.  We highly recommend checking out both shows during this exciting moment in the Tel Aviv art scene. 

Louise Bourgeois in her home studio in 1974. Photo: Mark Setteducati, © The Easton Foundation Header Image:  Louise Bourgeois TWOSOME, 1991 Steel, paint and electric light 190.5 x 193 x 1244.6 cm. Collection The Easton Foundation Photo: Peter Bellamy, © The Easton Foundation/ Licensed by VAGA, NY

Louise Bourgeois in her home studio in 1974.
Photo: Mark Setteducati, © The Easton Foundation

Header Image: 
Louise Bourgeois
Steel, paint and electric light
190.5 x 193 x 1244.6 cm.
Collection The Easton Foundation
Photo: Peter Bellamy, © The Easton Foundation/ Licensed by VAGA, NY

Barcelona Art Guide - September

Barcelona Art Guide - September

Exhibition title: "Bei mir geht es in den Keller hoch”
Artist: David Ostrowsky
Venue: Blueproject Foundation, Sala project, Barcelona
Dates: Until October 1st

The Blueproject Foundation presents “Bei mir geht es in den Keller hoch”, the first personal exhibition of the artist David Ostrowski in Spain that can be seen in the Sala Project until October 1st, 2017. The exhibition allows the visitors to discover the pictorial work of the artist, presenting a selection of paintings, as well as a large installation that will occupy the center of the Sala Project. 


Exhibition title: Every blind wondering ends in a circle
Artist: José Dávila
Venue: Blueproject Foundation,  Il Solotto, Barcelona
Dates: Until September 29

The exhibition, which can be seen in Il Salotto until October 29th, 2017, presents four sculptures from the series Joint Effort, a group of works in which the artist reflects on the attraction and tension between the materials, emphasizing, in this case, the relationship of transparency and opacity between them. 


Exhibition title: Andy Warhol, mechanical art
Artist: Andy Warhol
venue: Caixa forum, Barcelona
Dates: 14 September to 31 December 

The show underscores the way in which Andy Warhol (Pittsburgh, 1928 – New York, 1987) captures the commodity cult of nineteenth-century industrial inventions. Always attentive to the technical and industrial advance, Warhol used all kinds of techniques and machines, from the silkscreen to the video recorder, with productive patterns that he himself defined as “typical of an assembly line.” 

warhol marilyn.jpg

Zurich Art Guide - September

Zurich Art Guide - September

After a sleepy August with many of the galleries closed for a well-deserved summer break, there’s a sense of new beginnings as they re-open their doors with fresh presentations.  

Exhibition title: No title
Artist: Shirana Shahbazi
Galerie: Peter Kilchmann
Dates: 2 September – 21 October 2017

As a huge fan of Zürich based Iranian artist Shirana Shahbazi (b.1974, Tehran), I’ve been awaiting this exhibition with anticipation. It’s the artist’s first at Galerie Peter Kilchmann, though she has exhibited in galleries and museums far and wide. Shahbazi has transformed the gallery space through her own individually mixed colour blocks painted on the walls; her vibrant photographic works are decisively positioned to contrast with these hues. The artworks’ frames are made out of reflective silver, which pick up the colours on opposing walls. Viewing the artworks from different angles cause these reflections and colours to shift and move. It’s a show that has an immense impact from the word go! 

Alternating between abstraction and representation, Shahbazi’s brilliantly coloured, glossy photographs are made in the crisp style of commercial photography, but using analogue processes. To make her abstract compositions, she photographs objects, printed patterned papers and for the first time in this new body of work, mirrors. The effects are strange and disorientating, but if you study the images hard enough, there’s always a clue where the mirror begins or ends. Shahbazi enjoys these illusions, playing with what is real and not real – even the most abstract of her works are derived from tangible objects. 

The exhibition also features lithographs, originating from photographs of everyday life, from her travels in Tehran and elsewhere. Some appear more like collages, combining fragments of her abstract motifs with figurative elements. This is a new departure for the artist – merging her abstractions with figurative images, bringing the studio and outside world together. I love how the lithographs are interspersed with her glossy photographs, their tones are more muted and their surface matt, bringing yet another juxtaposition. 

Walking through this diverse exhibition, I realized Shahbazi’s work is about an overall experience. I felt she wanted me to stay with the images and lose myself in the colours and forms, and delight in the mystery and wonderment. 

Shirana Shahbazi, Raum-Gelb-01, 2017 Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich  

Shirana Shahbazi, Raum-Gelb-01, 2017
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich

Exhibition title: Cosmopolitan
Artist: René Burri
Galerie: Bildhalle
Dates: 24 August – 21 October 2017

Entering this exhibition was extremely moving. It’s the first solo show since the great Swiss Magnum photographer passed away in 2014 and immediately his memory, charisma and joie de vivre came flooding back. 

The exhibition has been beautifully curated in the Bildhalle space, with careful groupings, and much of his archive on display. Icons such as his infamous ‘“Che”, Ernesto Guevara, Havana’ (1963) and ‘Four Men on a Rooftop, Sao Paulo’ (1960) are shown alongside less well-known images. 

Burri’s archive provides an extraordinary visual record of the latter half of the 20th century. You can’t help but wonder when taking in image after image – in Spain, Italy, France, Egypt, Vietnam, Brazil, China, Japan - how one person could witness so much. From his first photograph of Winston Churchill, taken when only 13 years old, he went on to capture many prominent figures including Che Guevara, Le Corbusier, Mao, Picasso, Giacometti, and the list goes on. There were conflicts too, from the 19567 Suez Canal crisis through the wars in Korea, Cyprus and Vietnam. 

It was Burri’s charisma, along with his curiosity and perseverance that allowed him such access. I love one story he told of how he came to photograph Picasso. After seeing “Guernica” in 1953, he vowed he would meet the artist. He tried waiting outside Picasso’s studio but had no luck. In 1957, he heard he was in Nîmes to watch a bullfight. At Picasso’s hotel, a porter mistook Burri for a member of the artist’s entourage and he managed to slip into his room to find him with a large group of friends enjoying a rowdy meal. Picasso let him stay and take photographs, resulting in an incredible series of intimate portraits of the artist enjoying the party with no hint of anyone having disrupted things. Burri always managed to get very close!

René Burri, Bilbao, Spain, 1957 ©René Burri/Magnum Photos  

René Burri, Bilbao, Spain, 1957
©René Burri/Magnum Photos

Exhibition title:  Whispering Widows
Artist: Clare Goodwin
Galerie: Lullin + Ferrari
Dates: 26 August – 7 October 2017

Clare Goodwin (b. 1973, Birmingham, UK) presents both small and large-scale paintings, collages and sculptures. The pristine white gallery space, punctuated by mainly pastel-coloured abstractions, offers a sense of ease and calm, a coolness from the summer heat. The gallery floor was painted white and the front windows covered with a rose veneer, creating a cocoon effect so we experience all the works as a whole. Encouraged by the exhibition title “Whispering Widows”, I could almost imagine these paintings and biomorphic sculptures speaking to each other in hushed tones. 

Goodwin loves to collect objects, usually discarded things, which she keeps in her studio as the source material for her paintings. For example, unwanted scarves, ties and old knick-knacks, often from the 1970s, the decade she grew up in. Brimming with traces of the past, they trigger her memories and inspire new, invented stories. She is keen to show that abstract painting has the capacity to represent quite tangible aspects of reality, which is further emphasised by the titles, usually British old-fashioned names such as Carol + Harry (image below). Her cool abstractions suddenly take on more of a human quality. When observing this particular painting with its translucent, loose washes of ink overlaid with defined, opaque geometric forms, I started to wonder about individual narratives. I imagined this Carol + Harry, perhaps an elderly couple, their lives intertwined through years of living in close quarters with their many quirks and peccadilloes. 

Working in Zürich, where Constructivism and hard-edged Concrete Art prevail, Goodwin clearly has a stylistic affiliation with this heritage, but she consciously creates distance through the emotion, nostalgia and spontaneity that she brings to her work. As I reflected on these artworks, their warmth and humour, I felt quite glad of her predisposition for entertaining the non-rational!

Clare Goodwin, Whispering Widows (Carol + Harry), 2017 © Clare Goodwin, Courtesy of Gaerie Lullin + Ferrari   Header Image: Installation view, Shirana Shahbazi, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zürich, Sept. 2 - Oct. 21, 2017 Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich

Clare Goodwin, Whispering Widows (Carol + Harry), 2017
© Clare Goodwin, Courtesy of Gaerie Lullin + Ferrari

Header Image:
Installation view, Shirana Shahbazi, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zürich, Sept. 2 - Oct. 21, 2017
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich

Join Diana Poole, Oh So Arty's local art guide in Zurich on her next group tour which will take place on Saturday September 16th, 3 - 6 pm, sign up here

Art & Leisure in Israel - The Elma Hotel

Art & Leisure in Israel - The Elma Hotel

Summer in Israel is the perfect time for a short getaway. You know we’re fans of many arty cities but for our personal vacation we chose to stay in Israel (while continuing to carefully craft art tours around the world for our clients). Only an hour drive from Tel Aviv, we easily reached the Elma Hotel, located up North in the historical village of Zichron Yaakov, on the edge of Israel’s Mount Carmel Ridge. 


Elma - which is an acronym for Elstein Music and Art - was founded by philanthropist and art collector Lily Elstein at the end of 2014. She chose to locate Elma in what used to be the "Mivtachim Sanitarium", an award-winning architectural marvel designed in 1968 by Israeli architect Jacob Rechter, in a postwar brutalist style.


The hotel which was renovated by Jacob Rechter's son, Amnon Rechter, along with the architect Rani Ziss, is today an interdisciplinary venue and cultural center offering concerts, exhibition spaces, conference rooms, residency programs and more. But if you're just interesting in relaxing, the pool is beautiful too, with brutalist motifs all around!


As for the art, more than 500 pieces from Elstein's private collection are on display throughout the 95 hotel rooms, suites and in many of the hotel's public spaces. These include ambitious works by Sigalit Landau, like the unmissable sculpture "Thirst" made of marble where a nude couple is pushing a huge stone, located right in the middle of the lobby. As well as the iconic photographs from Landau's wedding dress project at the Dead Sea. 

We also enjoyed the temporary exhibition curated by Noemi Givon, of Tel Aviv's established Givon Art Gallery and Art Forum, which displayed the works of established and emerging Israeli painters throughout the hotel's corridors. We particularly loved Nurit David's pieces. 

Sigalit Landau

Sigalit Landau

Sigalit Landau

Sigalit Landau

Nurit David

Nurit David

In our lovely and spacious room, we were lucky to have a print by one of my favorite Israeli artists Nelly Agassi. The piece depicts what looks like a home or roof and a light bulb, with a pink and yellow background. It is delicate and strong like all of Agassi's works. This small gem combined with the magnificent view of Mount Carmel and the sea, made our stay unforgettable. 


The hotel offers a perfect combination of Art & Leisure, with a vintage 60s flare (see photo below!), breathtaking Israeli vistas of the mountains and the Mediterranean, fused with contemporary Israeli design and art. 

Book here:

Art Galleries & actvities in the area:

Umm el-Fahem art Gallery

Ein Hod Village

Haifa graffiti tour with Alternative TLV

Courtesy of Architect Amnon Rechter   Images by Sarah Peguine

Courtesy of Architect Amnon Rechter


Images by Sarah Peguine

London Art Guide - September

London Art Guide - September

Event: Don't Think Twice - Temporary Public Art at London Bridge Station
Artist: Jennifer Abessira  
Dates: 15 September - 26 November, 2017

Yes, art can come to you. Even when you quickly run to the train station with a coffee in hand. MTArt partnered with Network Rail and Team London Bridge in displaying 72 photographs of artist Jennifer Abessira outside of the London Bridge Station. Abessira specialises in using images which reflect cultures and communities and she assembles them to create a meaningful and colourful narrative.

jennifer copy 2.jpg

Event: Clinic 2
Artist: Jasmine Pradissitto
Dates: 20 September - 25 September, 2017

Lead by creative agency Vitamin London, this show will discuss the future of technology. The works of Jasmine Pradissitto are described as ‘holograms you can touch’, forms inspired by nature, the human condition and scientific breakthrough, are melted and reshaped from plastics into sculptures.


III. Turner Contemporary, Artist Rooms - Phyllida Barlow
Dates: Until 24 September, 2017

I am obsessed by the works of Phyllida Barlow - I LOVE the way she uses 'stuff' and makes it great, engaging and visually playful. 


New York Art Guide - August

New York Art Guide - August

-by Maya Yadid

Exhibition title: A Becoming Resemblance
Venue: Fridman Gallery
Dates: Until 5 September, 2017

An exhibition by Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Chelsea E. Manning, investigating emerging technologies of genomic identity construction and our societal moment.

In 2015, Heather began to produce 3D printed portraits derived from the DNA extracted from cheek swabs and hair clippings Chelsea mailed out of prison. Incarcerated since her gender transition and subject to a strict policy on visitation, Chelsea’s image was suppressed from 2013 until her release from prison in May this year. The artistic collaboration with Heather gave Chelsea back a form of visibility, a human face she had been denied.

Event: Movies With A View
Venue: Outdoor screening at Brooklyn Bridge Park

There is no better place to be on a hot summer night than watching a classic film at the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoying the breeze off of the East River with the dazzling Manhattan skyline before you.
There are plenty of outdoor screening going on through the summer in NYC, but that has earned a large and loyal following. Its free for the public and there are food and beverage stands all around so you won't get hungry. Movies With A View is a summer must.

Event: Beach Sessions Dance Series
pioneering performance series at Rockaway Beach

August in New York is all about going out of town; Long Island and Upstate NY are stuffed with New Yorkers in bathing suits and short. But for those of us who are looking to escape the city for just a few hours, Beach Sessions is a perfect way enjoy the ocean breeze and watch acclaimed dance performances by New York-based choreographers.
Beach Sessions is a pioneering performance series supporting and presenting site-responsive work in Rockaway Beach, Queens. An outdoor public program providing dance performances, public events, and environmental initiatives. Free and open to the public.

Vienna Art Guide - August

Vienna Art Guide - August

- by Itai Margula

Albertina, Secession and Leopold Museum: Austria through the eyes of Austrian photographers from 1979-2000, a wonderful spacial installation by Alex da Corte and a great journey through the works of Jan Fabre in cooperation with Impulstanz.

Exhibition title: Jan Fabre. Stigmata – Actions & Performances 1976-2016
Artist: Jan Fabre
Venue:  Leopold Museum
Dates: Until 27 August, 2017

A wonderful journey through drawings, photographs, sculptures, costumes, texts quotes, archival documents, filmic documentations of his performance and poetic actions  and study models of Jan Fabre from the 1970ies tot he present. A labyrinth of tables introducing the artist´s philosophies. This exhibiton coorperates with one of Viennas most interesting international dance festivals: Impulstanz. Curated by: Germano Celant

Jan Fabre, A Meeting, Vstrecha, 1897 © Angelos bvba | Foto: M3 Studio (Rome)

Jan Fabre, A Meeting, Vstrecha, 1897 © Angelos bvba | Foto: M3 Studio (Rome)

Exhibition title: Slow Graffiti
Artist: Alex Da Corte
Venue: Secession
Dates: Until 3 September, 2017

Alex Da corte creates videos, sculptures, paintings, and immersive installations with cinematic quality. The artist explores and exposes questions of desire, sensuality, and alienation. Colour and textures are used with great skill to affect viewers and the mood in which they experience the artist´s environments once they set foot in them.

Sophie Thun: Alex Da Corte, Slow Graffiti, exhibition view, Secession 2017. Courtesy Maccarone, New York, Gió Marconi, Mailand and David Risley Gallery, Kopenhagen, 

Sophie Thun: Alex Da Corte, Slow Graffiti, exhibition view, Secession 2017. Courtesy Maccarone, New York, Gió Marconi, Mailand and David Risley Gallery, Kopenhagen, 

Exhibition title: Austria. Photography 1970-2000
Artist: Various artist
Venue: Albertina
Dates: Until 8 October, 2017

The exhibition includes numerous photographs from the Albertina´s own holdings as well as from the Photographic Collection of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Arts and Culture Division. Austrian photographers focus on the country, its political past, its milieus, and its urban spaces. Just to name a few: Peter Dressler, Valie Export, Seiichi Furuya, Robert Hammerstiel, Leo Kandl, Friedl Kubelka, Lisl Ponger, Manfred Willmann etc.  
Curated by: Walter Moser.

Brussels Art Guide - August

Brussels Art Guide - August

- by Jacinthe Gigou

Exhibition title: Ado Chale Alchemist. Artisan. Designer
Artist/s: Ado Chale
Venue: BOZAR, 23 rue Ravenstein, 1000 Brussels
Dates: 18/08 – 24/09/2017

Born in Brussels, Ado Chale is a mineralogist and blacksmith, who uses crystals or petrified wood in his works of art, and approaches making furniture like a craftsman rather than as a designer. This very first retrospective outlines the career and the world of Ado Chale, through carefully selected pieces of furniture and objects, such as his famous Goutte d’eau bronze table, inspired by pre-Columbian art

Exhibition title: Art is comic
Artist/s: Brecht Vandenbroucke, Mon Colonel & Spit, Brecht Evens, HuskMitNavn, Jean Jullien, Joan Cornellà
Venue: MIMA, 39 quai du Hainaut, 1080 Brussels
Dates: Until 31/12/2017

The MIMA opened on the day after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, a time of sadness and uncertainty. That is when the idea for this exhibition originated. How to respond to rampant anxiety and escalating secterianism? Humour! If the humour of “Art Is Comic” hits home with you, you will feel an antidepressant effect immediately.

Joan Cornella

Joan Cornella

London Art Guide - August

London Art Guide - August

- by Marine Tanguy

Exhibition: Giacometti 
Artist: Alberto Giacometti  
Venue: Tate Modern
Dates: Until 10 September   

An incredible exhibition highlighting the impact that the World War II had on the artist - from his nightmarish surrealist bronzes to his more human, emotional figures after the war. The war had changed him forever and his works had become more meaningful and powerful. It's a brilliant reflection on existentialism and the human condition. 


Exhibition: MTArt Virtual Gallery 
Artists: Scarlett Bowman - Tristan Pigott - Jennifer Abessira - Alexandra Lethbridge - Leni Dothan - Francesco de Prezzo - Will Thomson - Ignacio Munoz-Vicuna - David Aiu Servan Schreiber - Rob Branigan - Jasmine Pradissitto - Marine Hardeman - Neal Rock - Tim A Shaw 
Dates: Until 2 September, 2017

From the Gold Rush to our social media obsession, I like my curations to be engaging, revealing of our current times and bearing a small irony to most artistic dialogues between the works. 

Front View.jpg

Exhibition: Soul of a Nation
Artists: Many artists
Venue: Tate Modern
Dates: Until 22 October, 2017

The 150 pieces in 'Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power' were created in America between 1963 and 1983. It's a reminder of a difficult chapter in history and their constant struggle for change still resonates today. To learn from. 


Shanghai Art Guide - July - August

Shanghai Art Guide - July - August

- by Hadas Zucker

It’s too humid to get sentimental and probably too hot to stay out, there is no better time than Shanghai's summer to occupy museums and galleries in the city to get cooled with really powerful AC and refreshing art!

Exhibition title: Now is the summer of our discontent
Artists: Various Chinese and International artists
Venue: Bank Mabsociet Gallery
Dates: Until 9 August, 2017

Disclaimer: I show my work there, so hell ya!!! come to visit! 

Summertime sees our sentiments dilated and logic subdued by sweltering hot winds, lazy daydreams, and sweet fruit. In this exhibition they intrigued to ponder, to what extent can objects accommodate and express these seasonal sensations. BANK invites 21 artists of different generations and backgrounds to join our summer carnival. Some of these artists are exhibiting in Shanghai for the first time while others are of BANK’s usual stable. Spanning video, photography, installation, and with a focus on painting, the colors of summer come to life.

Exhibition title: All the single ladies
Artists: Guo Cheng and Shen Han
Venue: J Gallery 
Dates: 29 July - 8 September, 2017

The exhibition will showcase works by Guo Cheng and Shen Han, two young Chinese artists that have studied and lived in multicultural backgrounds-  Cheng works are concerned with the impacts and influences of mainstream or new technology on the social, cultural and ethical while Shen does works which are structuring a connection between the material and perception through the act of ‘painting’. The exhibition article, written by the Li Bowen, deals with the metaphor of the pseudo-genealogical that marks the relationship between the two bodies of work.

Exhibition title: Wavelength: Through things
Artists: Group exhibition of contemporary artist and designers
Venue: Times Art Museum, Beijing
Dates: 5 August - 13 August, 2017

New Consumerism is more a socially engaged act bound up in issues of sustainability and authenticity. This fashion x art group exhibition proudly presents the recent work of 18 contemporary artists and designers active in the US, Europe and China. By bringing together conceptual fashion pieces, visual arts, jewelry, sculpture and multimedia installations, the exhibition illustrates a global trend in consumerism and lifestyle - the integration of Art, Fashion and social life.