Jerusalem Art Guide - May

Jerusalem Art Guide - May

Exhibition Title: Perspectives of Protest & In The Body of Wood 

Venue: Jerusalem Print Workshop

Dates: On view until June 30, 2017. 

The Jerusalem Print Workshop’s exhibitions are always a fascinating glimpse into the  progress of printmaking in Israel’s current artistic trends, as well as a celebration of printmaking in Israel’s history. Two current exhibitions celebrate the influence of Israeli printmaking Jacob Pins, who worked primarily with woodcuts, 100 years after his birth.

Perspectives of Protest highlights the work of the second generation of woodcut artists in Israel, some of whom were Pins’ students. These works from the 21st century convey various expressive forms of criticism, revolution and protest typical of the woodcut medium in modern art.  

In The Body of Wood presents the works of the winners of the Jacob Pins Prize for an Israeli Graphic Artists. This exhibition indicates the medium’s continuity and its renewed blossom since the 1980s. Awarded every two years since 2008, each winner presented in In The Body of Wood presents a body of work that unravels the process of form and content present in printmaking and reflects on the medium’s contemporary relevancy. 

Alexander Vojik From Iphone to Pushkin

Alexander Vojik From Iphone to Pushkin

Exhibition Title: The Day When Nothing Happened

Venue: Art Cube Artists’ Studios

Date: On view until June 30t, 2017. 

A collaboration between Polish artist Magdalena Franczak and Israeli artist Yael Frank. These two artists first collaborated on an exhibition from two years ago at Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Poland. Now, they return to work together, reflecting on the dialogue between the two artists who are physically and culturally far away yet examining the possiblity of a joint artwork that cracks in the process.

Exhibition view of The Day When Nothing Happened

Exhibition view of The Day When Nothing Happened

Exhibition title: Thou Shalt Not

Venue: Museum on The Seam 

Dates: Opens May 12, 2017

Faith that seeks to strictly preserve the boundaries and laws of Jewish tradition has always experienced difficulties coping with rapid changes around it, whereas contemporary art serves as a mirror depicting our times and their constant change. It seems that lately and interaction is taking place between these two worlds, however faith and art will continue to seek the path between confrontation and reconciliation. This group exhibition serves as a bridge while helping us understand this renewed discourse and brings together these two worlds through the powerful messages that the artists choose to convey to us. 

Aaron Weiner "Attack of Satan" collage 2014

Aaron Weiner "Attack of Satan" collage 2014

Exhibition title: Eat, Fall Apart, Collect

Venue: Beita Jerusalem 

Dates: On view until May 19th

Eat, Fall Apart, Collect presents the songs of Cheli Tal Shalem, an Israeli bibliotherapist and poet, printed on a translucent platform and presented on the windows in the exhibition space; along with the paintings of Yael Oren and videos of chef and restaurateur Omer Tal documenting the preparation of small portions of food using modern cooking techniques. All of these works come together to provide discourse on one subject: food. Food is a distinct memory agent, a geographical messenger carrying with it ethnicity and culture. The transition from nourishment to food is complex, and in the paintings, poems and videos, the danger of dissolution from one to the other, a shattering and longing for a festive nourishment, is present in an illusionary yet relatable revelation. 

Yael Oren, "Four Elements"

Yael Oren, "Four Elements"

Brussels Art Guide - May

Brussels Art Guide - May

Exhibition title: BORIS TELLEGEN, a friendly takeover
Artist: Boris Tellegen
Venue: Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA), Quai du Hainaut 41, 1080 Bruxelles
Dates: Until May 28, 2017

A monumental and playful installation in situ, spread over 3 floors, crosses 20 years of work, from the street to the museum, by Boris Tellegen aka Delta, the “Dutch Master” of graffiti.

Artist: Yves Klein
Venue: BOZAR, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Bruxelles
Dates: Until August 20, 2017

After the prestigious Tate Liverpool, Bozar is hosting this exhibition by famous French artist Yves Klein. Klein became renowned thanks to his monochromatic works painted with the "international Klein blue". Like no one before him, his art expressed the idea of an infinite spirituality and his quest for the immaterial. Through his pictorial pieces and his spectacular performances, Yves Klein is considered to be a precursor of the Happening and Body Art movements. The exhibition presents outstanding pieces, some of which were never shown before, and offers to the public the possibility to discover this avant-garde artist.

Exhibition title: POL BURY / TIME IN MOTION
Artist: Pol Bury
Venue: BOZAR, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Bruxelles
Dates: Until June 4 2017

The belgian artist Pol Bury (1922-2005) is one of the founders of Kinetic Art. He started as a painter influenced by Magritte, and was also part of the artistic groups Jeune Peinture belge and CoBrA. He then decided to follow his own artistic path. Fascinated by the art of Alexander Calder, Bury explored the medium of sculpture and integrated movement in his pieces Thanks to a profoundly personal work, with a strong surrealist influence and a great sense of innovation, he became a key player in the Paris and New York art scenes, thus gaining an international recognition. 

Warsaw Art Guide - May

Warsaw Art Guide - May

May is your last call to see many exciting exhibitions in Warsaw, from small solo shows to larger ones.

Artist/s:Korakrit Arunanondchai, Evelyne Axell, Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, Zdzisław Beksiński, Louise Bourgeois, Eugène Brands, Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Bernard Buffet, Claude Cahun, Liz Craft, Edith Dekyndt, Christian Dietrich, Leo Dohmen, Drexcyia and Abdul Qadim Haqq, Elmgreen & Dragset, Leonor Fini, Ellen Gallagher, Goltyr Painter, Justyna Górowska, Zdzisław Jasiński, Dorota Jurczak, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Birgit Jürgenssen, Tobias Kaspar, Marek Kijewski, Aldona Kopkiewicz and Mateusz Kula, Łukasz Korolkiewicz, Gina Litherland, Jacek Malczewski, Witek Orski, Sylvia Palacios Whitman, Pablo Picasso, Krzysztof Pijarski, Aleka Polis, Agnieszka Polska, Karol Radziszewski, Joanna Rajkowska, Carol Rama, Erna Rosenstein, Tejal Shah, Franciszek Siedlecki, Tomasz Sikorski, Penny Slinger, Juliana Snapper, Franz von Stuck, project „Warsaw’s Sirens” (Jacek Łagowski, Danuta Matloch, Katarzyna Opara, Aleksandra Schönthaler), Alina Szapocznikow, Stanisław Szukalski, Jerzy Bohdan Szumczyk, Wacław Szymanowski, Dorothea Tanning, Wolfgang Tillmans, Tunga, Anne Uddenberg, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Wojciech Wilczyk, Hannah Wilke, Ming Wong, Marcelo Zammenhoff, Anna Zaradny, Artur Żmijewski.
Dates: Until 18 June, 2017 

This is the first exhibition at the newly opened pavilion of Museum of Modern Art. The show, the first ever of this scale to discuss the siren, aims to portray and activate its potential as a symbol. 
It combines different takes on hybridity, national identity and mythology. The exhibition can be read on many levels, everyone will find something for themselves.

Exhibition title: Aneta Grzeszykowska, Zofia Rydet
Artist/s: Aneta Grzeszykowska, Zofia Rydet
Venue: Raster Gallery
Dates: Until 20 May, 2017

The joint exhibition of works by Zofia Rydet (1911–1997) and Aneta Grzeszykow­ska (born 1974) is a show of two artists who use the camera to con­struct cap­tivating and rhetorically rich images of the female body. The two artists express a similar allure of over­coming the two-imensionality of photography, in both time and space. The exhibition presents unique photographic items by Rydet from her Trans­for­mations cycle, and heads of leather sewn by Grzeszykow­ska.

Artist/s: Gordon Parks
Venue: Zachęta - National Gallery of Art
Dates: Until 21 May, 2017

Gordon Parks was born as the fifteenth child of Mr. and Mrs. Parks, he had to fight for survival, for jobs, for means to support his family, and finally he fought for African American civil rights. This monographic exhibition shows photographs, which are not only iconic but also are an attempt of fighting for human rights. 

TLV Urban Art Guide - May

TLV Urban Art Guide - May

This May in Tel Aviv one can find plenty of amazing opportunities to take in street art at its best!

Exhibition: Prettymess Collective
Venue: Beit Ha’ir
Dates: Until August 2017

In what can be deemed as an ambitious exhibition by many accounts, Prettymess, a collective composed of artists mostly active is the urban sphere, has taken over Beit Ha’ir. This summer the historic city hall of Tel Aviv will house an amazing variety of pieces ranging in theme, style and materials.
Hasayeret art tours will be giving two tours of the exhibition in Hebrew. For inquiries about English tours please contact at

Event: Alternative Tel Aviv pay as you like Florentin graffiti tour
Venue: Florentin, Tel Aviv
Date: May 26, 2017 11:00-12:30

While Alternative Tel Aviv usually provides boutique private tours, this summer we plan to offer open pay as you like tours in Florentin as a new monthly tradition. Our primary tour will take you through the street-art capital and lay down the leading characters in the street-art scene while visiting some of the city’s most iconic and beautiful pieces in the public space. To book spots for the tour contact at


Venue: Kiryat Hamelacha, HaAmal street

Until recently the two large buildings marking the entrance to the Tel Aviv up and coming studio and gallery area, Kiryat Hamelacha, were covered by two famous pieces by two famous local artists. But this genre has different rules and recently things changed. Two enormous pieces, a black horse by Klone and an abstract figure by Zero Cents now cover the buildings from top to bottom. Head there to see for yourself! 



Zero Cents

Zero Cents

Rome Art Guide - May

Rome Art Guide - May

May is maybe my favourite month in Rome because it’s pretty warm but windy, it smells like flowers, it’s colorful and blossoming everywhere. The contemporary art scene is blossoming too so it’s easy to find some cool event or art show going on and everything is getting ready for the hot-touristy season up coming. 

Exhibition title: Nature Forever
Artist: Piero Gilardi
Venue: The MAXXI 
Dates: Until October 15, 2017 

Pop art mixed with ecologist and political italian issues, this solo exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest artists of the late 1960s movement “Arte Povera” is first of all a deep comprehension of his carreer that was absolutely different from all the other artists of the same movement. Second, it’s really so much fun because of the many interactive installations which will challenge your sense of humor and even your capacity to understand the multiple social meanings behind.

Exhibition title: Trilogia del silenzio, capitolo II (Trilogy of silence, chapter II)
Artist: Lee Madgwick
Venue: White Noise Gallery
Dates: Until May 31, 2017

After the great success of the project “Dismaland” with Banksy, Lee Madgwick shows his oil paintings in Rome for the first time. Lonely buildings, immersed in landscapes with no reference to time and space, recalls the atmosphere of De Chirico and the attitude of Hopper but in a brand new way. The sense of eternal stand-by of the exhibition offers a new point of view but with an extraordinary peace of mind.

Exhibition title: Equivalences
Artist: Giuseppe Penone
Venue: Gagosian gallery
Dates: Until June 15, 2017 

Deeply poetic, Penone’s engagement with nature and time reveals the deepest power of art and this is what you feel when you move around his sculptures. The inner essence of nature is freed from the human aesthetic process of sculpturing, revealing a new sense of life.

Header Image: Paz Paloscia - White Noise Galler

Header Image: Paz Paloscia - White Noise Galler

Vienna Art Guide - May

Vienna Art Guide - May

Exhibition Title: The Secession Knot (5.1)
Artist: Jean-Luc Mouléne
Venue: Secession
Dates: Until June 18, 2017

„To every time its art. To art its freedom.“ The Vienna Secession is also known as the Union of Austrian Artist. It hosts an international program with solo and themed exhibitions. The Secession is a must-see. Next to the main exhibition hall you will find two exhibitions by Rosa Barba and Anoka Faruqee (until June 25, 2017).

Picture: Iris Ranzinger  ©  Secession 2017

Picture: Iris Ranzinger  ©  Secession 2017

Exhibition title: Acting for the Camera
Artists: Trude Fleischmann, Rudolf Koppitz, Arnulf Rainer, Erwin Wurm etc.
Venue: Albertina
Dates: Until May 30, 2017

The Exhibition shows circa 120 works from Albertina´s Photographic Collection between 1850s and the present. The selection is divided between six thematic emphases: motion studies, models for artists, dance, picture stories, portraits of actresses and acors, and Viennese Actionist stagings of the body. Curated by Dr. Anna Hanreich

Foto: Rudolf Koppitz 1926 © Albertina

Foto: Rudolf Koppitz 1926 © Albertina

Exhibition title: Lonely Old Slogans
Artist: Daniel Richter
Venue: 21er Haus
Dates: Until June 5, 2017

Daniel Richter´s exhibition – Lonely Old Slogans presents for the first Time in Vienna a comprehensive retrospective of the artist´s work. This exhibition is conceived as a traveling show. The last stop – right after the 21er Haus – will be the Camden Arts Center in London.    

Foto: Tatintsian Collection  © Jochen Littkemann, Berlin / © Bildrecht, Wien 2017 Header Image: Secession, Albertina, 21er Haus - Three very interesting venues are showing three different exhibitions. Spacial installations. Photography. Painting.

Foto: Tatintsian Collection  © Jochen Littkemann, Berlin / © Bildrecht, Wien 2017

Header Image: Secession, Albertina, 21er Haus - Three very interesting venues are showing three different exhibitions. Spacial installations. Photography. Painting.

Barcelona Art Guide- May

Barcelona Art Guide- May

The top Gallery and Museum shows that you don't want to miss this Spring if you are visiting Barcelona.

Exhibition title: World Press Photo 2017
Artist: various
Venue: CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Dates: Until 5 June, 2017

View the entire collection of winning images from the 60th World Press Photo Contest. They were selected from 80,408 images made by 5,034 photographers from 126 different countries.

Exhibition title: Zoòtrop
Artist: Frederic Amat
Venue: La Pedrera, Casa Mila
Dates: Until 16 July 2017

Frederic Amat (Barcelona, 1952) is one of the leading figures in the contemporary Catalan art scene. His open concept of art has led him to incorporate numerous languages into his artistic practice, including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, performance, book illustration, videos, theatre set design and interventions in architectural spaces. 

Exhibition title: Building bridges, not walls
Artist: Manolo Millares,
Venue: Mayoral Gallery
Dates: until 25 July 2017

Concentrating on Manolo Millares’s notorious maturity period (1957-1972), this is the first major exhibition devoted to this artist in a private gallery and provides a unique opportunity to contemplate an ensemble of seventeen of Millares’s arpilleras(burlap paintings).

London Art Guide - May

London Art Guide - May

May will be all about Heathrow and City airports with the Berlin Gallery Weekend, Frieze New York and the Venice Biennale. Yet, and always, London keeps on amazing me with a wide range of exhibitions to run to! 

Exhibition title:  You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred
Artists: Lucas Blalock, Anne Collier, Sara Cwynar, Natalie Czech, Andreas Gursky, Elad Lassry, Richard Prince, Thomas Ruff, Cindy Sherman, Erin Shirref, Wolfgang Tillmans, Sara VanDerBeek, Jeff Wall, Christopher Williams
Venue: Zabludowicz Collection
Date: Until July 9, 2017

We think we know what photography is and feels like with our constant upload of Instagram images. Well, be ready to be challenged, explore new manual photographic processes and rethink what an image is and stands for. 

Lucas Blalock

Lucas Blalock

Exhibition title: Ornamental Hysteria
Artist: Ashley Bickerton
Venue: Newport Street Gallery
Dates: Until 20th August

The American artist Ashley Bickerton is getting a major show at Damien Hirst's Newport Street Gallery. It's completely mad and a little madness is always welcomed. Hello colours, joys and tragedies! 

Detail of Ashley Bickerton's Red Scooter (2009)

Detail of Ashley Bickerton's Red Scooter (2009)

Exhibition title: A World View
Artist: John Latham
Venue: Serpentine Gallery  
Dates: Until May 21, 2017

John Latham was radical and believed that artists had an important role to pay in society (him and his wife set up the Artists Placement Group which placed artists and art within government offices). It's meaningful and relevant, go and see it! 


Header Image: Installation shot of the current exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection, You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred.

- by Marine Tanguy

New York Art Guide - May

New York Art Guide - May

Exhibition title: Solo show
Artist: Felix Gonzalez Torres
Venue: David Zwirner Gallery
Dates: Until June 24, 2017

Felix Gonzalez-Torres is one of my favorite artist and definitely the most significant artist to emerge in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 
In his minimalistic language and conceptual rigor, Gonzales was able to extract a rear observation about life, death and love through a constant dialogue between the private and public. Torres works gently travels through intimacy to politics, sweetness and tragedy, generosity and lost. 
Gonzalez-Torres died of AIDS-related illness in 1996, 5 years after his partner, Ross Laycock died of the same Disease. Many of his works reflect on the years living with HIV.
His billboard work, "Untitled", 1995 shows a photographic imagery of birds in the sky and is also displayed on multiple outdoor public billboards throughout New York City and can be found in the following locations: Hunts Point Ave. north of Longfellow Ave., The Bronx; Atlantic Ave. & Classon Ave, Brooklyn; 9th Ave. & 37th St., Manhattan; Broadway & W. 184th St., Manhattan; Woodside Ave. & 63rd St., Queens; and Richmond Terrace & York Ave., Staten Island.

Felix Gonzalez Torres Billabord work showing around new York these days

Felix Gonzalez Torres Billabord work showing around new York these days

Exhibition title: Sound Talisman
Artist: Lisa Alvarado
Venue: Bridget Donahue Gallery
Dates: Until May 21, 2017

For her first solo show in new York, the Chicago based artist takes a form of a visual and sonic assemblage combining painting installation and a site specific sound piece.
Since 2010, Alvarado is creating paintings that function as moveable sets that follow her music band, ‘Natural Information Society’. For Alvarado and the Natural Information Society, the paintings serves as Mandalas to allow the audience to focus their gaze amidst waves of sound.  The exhibition includes an ambient soundtrack during regular hours as well as live music performances happening on May 8th and May 10th at 7:30pm.

Exhibition view of Lisa Alvarado at Bridget Donahue Gallery  

Exhibition view of Lisa Alvarado at Bridget Donahue Gallery

Exhibition: Living Modern
Artist: Georgia O’keeffe
Venue: Brooklyn Museum 
Dates: Until July 23, 2017

Best Known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, O'Keeffe has been recognized as the "Mother of American modernism”. 
Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern is the first show focusing on the artist’s wardrobe to explore a wider understanding of her identity and artistic values. 
This retrospective takes a new look at how the renowned modernist artist proclaimed her progressive, independent lifestyle through a self-crafted public persona—and how they are expressed in all aspects of her life. 

Header Image: Torres Billabord - a constant dialogue between the private and public

Header Image: Torres Billabord - a constant dialogue between the private and public

Shanghai Interview: Not deep. Dope - Tianzhou Chen

Shanghai Interview: Not deep. Dope - Tianzhou Chen

Ever since I've moved to Shanghai, the question of whether I live in a cool place has been bothering me. Shanghai is messy and vibrant. its taxi drivers have the worst manners in the world, and you can still find yourself stuck in an elevator with a dude who smokes and offering you a cigi, exactly when you come back home from a sweaty workout.

But is it cool? I couldn't be confident about saying Yes. 
However, had you visited Shanghai during its last fashion week, you'd have gotten a pretty clear answer- the party has moved here and we’re all having rice for dinner. Offsite radical venues, underground parties, experimental presentations and bad-ass hip hop artists rule the scene. It wasn’t just about fashion. It was about energy.

I sat down to talk to Tianzhou Chen, one of the most promising Chinese artist of his generation exhibited in Palais the Tokyo in 2015 and since then building his reputation in the global art scene.  Chen’s work transforms symbolism of buddhism to cutting edge aesthetic of the rave scene, drugs, violent kitsch, provocative gang-creatures and other after school activities we all like. He recently launched Asian Dope Boys, an experimental platform that functions as a proximity of Chen’s artistic work, under which he curates dope parties, nihilist music events and a radical fashion collection.

We talked about beer, money, art collectors, fashion and the definition of cool. Was too fun, and too long. Here is a recap.

Pic: Hadas Zucker

Pic: Hadas Zucker

Hadas Zucker (HZ): Let’s start with a cliche.- where does your fashion inspiration comee from? how does it relate to your artwork?

Tianzhou Chen (TC): Well, it doesn’t really. My inspiration for the fashion line is pretty random. it’s not meaningful, it's just clothes, I love it. I make a lot of complex meaningful art works, so for me it’s great just to make something fun. If anything, it might be influenced by music, which has a huge impact on my visual world, alternative, experimental hip hop is something I listen to on a daily basis.

HZ: This is why you launched A.D.B? 

TC: Yes, exactly. we named it after a Japanese girls band called A.K.B 48. we started doing parties, inviting D.J’s and performers we discovered and who had never been to china, for example most recently Karma She. I use my art career to support the A.D.B experimental adventures.

pic3 kaxiaoxi.jpg

HZ: Your fashion presentation was in a dark, smoky basement hall, part of Labelhood an alternative fashion venue. A mix of maximalist aesthetics, super dense energy, experimental costumes and a gang of radical Chinese kids. How do you feel about this new youth culture ?

TC: I thinks it’s great, I feel that thanks to social media this new generation is much more connected to what happens globally. They have more knowledge on what happens out there, but the performance scene is still quite young here, and not very mature. For me it is at least, they still really sounds the same, missing something special and outstanding like Zebra Ktaz which we just brought to SFHW.

HZ: You use a lot of grotesque textures and prints, deconstructed shapes, hyper saturated colors, and symbolism both in fashion and you art work, what is your take on bad taste ?

TC: I’m not trying to be bad taste, it is just that i have a very different sense of what is wearable or fashionable. I don't like to think of the market, though fashion is commercial. I think in Europe it will be understood better and we are now working on distributing there.

Pic: Ka Xiaoxi

Pic: Ka Xiaoxi

HZ: Do you care who wears you clothes?

TC: Yes. I want good looking people to wear my clothes. And cool ones.

HZ: Is it the same for your art work? do you care who buys it?

TC: Yhe, of course, i want cool collectors to have my work, but it could also sometimes end up in a crappy hotel, in that case, haha you just don’t tell anyone about it.

HZ: what is your daily routine?

TC: I’m not one of this hard working artists, I’m not working every day. I drink everyday. Mostly beer.

  Header Image: Pic- Ka Xiaoxi


Header Image: Pic- Ka Xiaoxi

‏Shanghai Art Guide - May

‏Shanghai Art Guide - May

Exhibition Title: Reconfiguration
‏Artist: Patty chang
‏Venue: Bank Mabsociety gallery
‏Dates: May 13- July 2, 2017

Patty Chang's early video works have depicted a horrifying, yet comforting experiences of fear, passion and conflict. Eating an onion while french kissing your parents, or uniting with an eel crawling under her button down shirt, are just two of the provocative and poetic expressions of Freudian anxieties we all kinda share. This has made her one of the “most consistently exciting artist of her time”. The current show is a lecture/performance based on the artist’s travels along the South-North Water Diversion Project, from its beginning at Danjiankou to the final reservoir in the outskirts of Beijing.

‏Exhibition Title: Solo show
‏Artist: Julian Opie
‏Venue: Fosun foundation
‏Dates: Until June 10, 2017

Cause if there is a blockbuster in town you gotta go see it!

julian opie 3.jpeg

Exhibition title: Where the end starts
‏Artist: Kwas
‏Venue: Yuz Museum
‏Dates: Until August 13, 2017

Kwas does everything that is hype from graffiti to illustration to Popart to f*ckng collaborating with Uniqlo. Can’t get more commercial than that, and Shanghai seems to be the perfect fit for it!
‏(oh don't forget to catch a DJ set at a speakeasy place after, and instagram all of it under "#hipsters don't die, they just get too predictable")

Melbourne Art Guide - May

Melbourne Art Guide - May

May is the middle of Autumn in Melbourne, and while the leaves are changing colour and the weather is getting colder, the art is heating up. These are my top exhibition picks: 

Exhibition Title: Mother Holding Something Horrific
Artist: Claire Lambe
Venue: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Dates: April 8 – June 25, 2017

Mother Holding Something Horrific is a new commission from Melbourne-based English-born artist Claire Lambe. The exhibition encompasses sculpture, photography, theatrical stage sets and video, and forms a powerful reflection on the human condition, exploring ideas of hope, love and fear. The exhibition is accompanied by six weekly performances from contemporary dancer and choreographer Atlanta Eke, which continues an ongoing collaboration between herself and Lambe.

Claire Lambe, The waterfall, 2017, installation view (detail), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. Courtesy of the artist and Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne. Photograph: Andrew Curtis.

Claire Lambe, The waterfall, 2017, installation view (detail), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. Courtesy of the artist and Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne. Photograph: Andrew Curtis.

Artist Darren Sylvester
Venue: Neon Parc
Dates: April 21 – June 10, 2017

Darren Sylvester’s second project with Neon Parc explores various pop culture references, predominantly American, to investigate ideas of luxury and desirability, high and low culture, and mortality. Three custom-designed chaise lounges are upholstered in wool printed with the insignia of early 1990s McDonalds hamburger packaging. These are accompanied by four large-scale photographs referencing entertainment and consumer culture, and a large floor-based sculpture that curves around the space in the colours of the FedEx logo.

Darren Sylvester, installation view, Neon Parc, Melbourne.

Darren Sylvester, installation view, Neon Parc, Melbourne.

Exhibition Title: Bent Guesses
Artist Aaron C. Carter
Venue: The Honeymoon Suite
Dates: May 5 – May 27, 2017

Bent Guesses from Aaron C. Carter combines painting and sculpture in vibrant colour.  His wall-based relief works use clay, pigment, and common building materials to achieve their sculptural quality. These are combined with found objects to create an installation that investigates the beauty of the everyday.

Aaron C. Carter, studio view, 2017. Photograph: Danny Cohen. Header Image: Darren Sylvester, installation view, Neon Parc, Melbourne. 

Aaron C. Carter, studio view, 2017. Photograph: Danny Cohen.

Header Image: Darren Sylvester, installation view, Neon Parc, Melbourne. 

Zürich Art Guide - May

Zürich Art Guide - May

In the last few weeks, we’ve experienced a full range of seasons in Zürich – from snowfall and hot drinks in cosy café corners to sunny days balmy enough to bring even a few brave swimmers to the riverside Badis! I sought out a similar panoply in the current art shows - multifaceted, and full of diversity and colour. 

Exhibition title: Gregor and the Samsas (Kill your Friends)
Artist: Melli Ink
Galerie: Grieder Contemporary
Dates: March 24 – May 27, 2017

When first entering this gallery space, I was struck by the pure visual attraction of the installation. Forceful monochrome triangles in blue, yellow, pink and green (inspired by Gio Ponti) are painted directly on the walls juxtaposed with black and white film stills hanging over these forms, and small minimal sculptures arranged in the gallery space on wooden plinths. It was no surprise to learn that Melli Ink’s roots lie in stage design. 

This multi-faceted exhibition, sparked by the artist’s music video made with the California Soft Rockers in 2016, combines performance, costume, set design, video, photography and sculpture. The video documents the band commuting to work dressed as insects – a cockroach, fly and spider - a clear nod to Franz Kafka’s Gregor Samsa, transformed into a large monstrous insect-like creature and repelled and rejected by his family. The music and absurd footage is playful, but encourages more serious reflections on identity and how it is reflected by society. 

Melli Ink, Untitled, 2017 © Melli Ink, Courtesy of Grieder Contemporary

Melli Ink, Untitled, 2017
© Melli Ink, Courtesy of Grieder Contemporary

Exhibition title: Yesterday’s Echoes
Artist: Bianca Brunner
Galerie: BolteLang
Dates: March 24 – May 6, 2017

Bianca Brunner’s new body of work Yesterday`s Echoes looks at the things we do not register consciously. Bianca explores the idea that our minds hold our core memories – essentially we never forget, things are simply overwritten. The exhibition consists of six photographs in varying sizes and two sculptures. The sculptures are the artist’s first to be displayed in a gallery, although they have always been an integral part of her studio practice. 

The work is quiet and multi-layered, encouraging reflection. The minimal abstractions in soft-hued geometric forms are derived from plastic bags installed on a window in the artist’s studio, outside of which she also hangs sheets. The resulting photographs comprise wrinkles and imperfections, perhaps each layer a trace, a reminder of time passing, new events overlay old. 

Having followed Bianca’s work, this exhibition feels even more pared down than previous ones. Scale and subject are more cleverly concealed than ever to really push the viewer into a deeper introspection. It’s exciting to observe this evolution!

Bianca Brunner, Veil (pink), 2017 © Bianca Brunner, Courtesy of Galerie BolteLang 

Bianca Brunner, Veil (pink), 2017
© Bianca Brunner, Courtesy of Galerie BolteLang 

Exhibition title:  No title
Artist: Christian Herdeg
Galerie: Lang + Pult
Dates: March 11 – May 13, 2017

It felt like a natural progression to follow with an exhibition of Swiss artist Christian Herdeg’s light installations. One of the pioneers of light art, he has been creating these works for over 40 years. 
Lange + Pult’s darkened gallery space is punctuated by oscillating abstract coloured forms made of light. 

Herdeg’s neon tubes turn into floating lines, which contrast seamlessly with the diffused colour fields of fluorescent light. He describes the pipes as “his pens” and his pieces as “kinetic light objects” – the idea of movement being key here. I found his work Sextett particularly enticing, where numerous squares made up of different coloured neon tube sides create varying shifts of colours within, and in turn produce triangular gradations that merge together in their centre. 

Standing amongst his works, I noticed in myself an emerging sense of calm. It was a perfect end to the gallery tour to pause in this space of serenity. 

Sextett, 2016 © Christian Herdeg, Courtesy of Galerie Lange + Pult Header Image: Installation view, Gregor and the Samsas (Kill your Friends), Grieder Contemporary, Zurich, 2017 Photo credits: Gion Pfander © Melli Ink, Courtesy of Grieder Contemporary

Sextett, 2016
© Christian Herdeg, Courtesy of Galerie Lange + Pult

Header Image: Installation view, Gregor and the Samsas (Kill your Friends), Grieder Contemporary, Zurich, 2017 Photo credits: Gion Pfander
© Melli Ink, Courtesy of Grieder Contemporary

Barcelona April Art Guide

Barcelona April Art Guide

This spring Barcelona has to offer a number of outstanding art exhibits among which we would like to highlight two that are already on view during the month of April 2017 - highly recommended!

Picasso Portraits, Picasso Museum, Barcelona
On view, until 25 of June 2017

The Museu Picasso in Barcelona presents the exhibition Picasso Portraits. This exhibition, co organised by the Museu Picasso, Barcelona and the National Portrait Gallery, London, accents the importance of the portrait in Picasso’s work. 

The exhibition brings together more than 80 pieces from public and private collections, revealing the technical media and variety of styles used by Picasso in working in portraiture, which was to always have an important place in his art. As well as acknowledged masterpieces, the exhibition also includes lesser-known paintings, drawings, sculpture and prints. 

We can find portraits of Dora Maar, Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Cocteau, Nusch Éluard, Françoise Gilot, Max Jacob, Lee Miller, Fernande Olivier, Jacqueline Roque, Olga Khokhlova, Jaume Sabartés, Erik Satie, Igor Stravinsky, Miguel Utrillo and Marie-Thérèse Walter, amongst others.

Frederic Amat, Zoòtrop, Fundació LaPedrera
On view, until 16 July, 2017

Frederic Amat (Barcelona, 1952) is one of the leading figures in the contemporary Catalan art scene. His open concept of art has led him to incorporate numerous languages into his artistic practice, including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, performance, book illustration, videos, theatre set design and interventions in architectural spaces. 

The exhibition Frederic Amat "Zoòtrop" presents a selection of projects for interventions in natural and urban spaces, often associated with architecture, with the aim of drawing a map, a topography of the artist’s work, while seeking the poetic component present in it.

The title of the exhibition at La Pedrera, Zoetrope, is a reference to the stroboscopic device consisting of a rotating drum with slits cut in the sides through which the spectator can see a series of drawings which, as they spin, give the illusion of moving. Like a zoetrope, the exhibition intends to show the various facets of Frederic Amat’s work related to the space, architecture, the city and the landscape.

- by Angel Granero 



April is my favourite month in London: a ray of sunshine, fresh ideas and a hopeful heart. This month, you could find me rambling about art and artists in these locations: 

- Banksy on Tooley Street, SE1
Just where Tooley Street meets the underpass beneath London Bridge you can find this quirky rat by Banksy - one of many that the artist has left around London. Banksy is such a key character for our city - the graffiti artist come political activist combines dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stencil technique. 


- A cloud of fog by Fujiko Nakaya, Tate Modern
Quick, rush to see Fujiko Nakaya's swirling sculpture made of midst, which will be enveloping the Tate until the 2nd April. Her clouds of fog have adorned bridges in the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao and Philip Johnson's Glass House. Of them, the artist says: 'Nature controls herself. I try and let nature speak'. It cannot get any more surrealist: pure magic!


- Child's Play, Foundling Museum, Bloomsbury
Documentary artist Mark Neville has taken photographs of children playing around the world: Ukraine, Kenya, the Highlands, North London etc.. At a time when up to 13 million children have been internally displaced as a result of armed conflict and traditional public space is being privatised, this show reinforces our responsibility to ensure that children have full opportunity for play. 


- The studio of artist Leni Dothan and the National Gallery
More recently, I have enjoyed exploring the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery, which is mostly dedicated to altarpieces and religious works pre High Renaissance. The one work I rediscovered was Madonna of the Pinks by Raphael., The intimacy between child and mother reminds me very much of the work of our artist Leni Dothan and her relationship with her son, Yali. It prompted my back and forth between the two locations, comparing this new reference with one of my favourite artists from our crew. 

Leni Dothan

Leni Dothan

- by Marina Tanguy

Cover pic credit: Zabludowicz collection

Five Artists We Loved Seeing At Fresh Paint Art Fair #9, TLV

Five Artists We Loved Seeing At Fresh Paint Art Fair #9, TLV

The Fresh Paint Art Fair is the only fair for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv. For its 9th edition and like every year, the curators present their unique format of the "Artists' Greenhouse", where independent artists show and sell (often for the first time since graduating) their work. It's sometimes difficult and overwhelming to find your way between the 50 booths at the greenhouse, so I'm happy to share a really small taste with five artists I loved seeing this year. 

The fair takes place between March 28th - April 1st at the Steinhardt Museum for Natural History which will open its doors this Summer at the Tel Aviv University. 

Also not to miss at this event are Tal Engelstein's Installation at the fair's entrance, the video projects, curated by the CCA and the galleries section. 


Adva Goldstone graduated from the Bezalel BFA Program last Summer, and at the greenhouse you'll be able to see pieces from her final exhibition - large scale paintings of minimalistic figures and smaller collages, based on vogue magazines. I loved seeing the contrast between these two media and subject matters. Using a very colorful palette of acrylic paint and markers, Goldstone taps into contemporary issues of representation and illusion- abstracting all figures, wether the women in the magazines or the enigmatic persons and forms in the paintings. 

Untitled, acrylic and marker on a Vogue magazine


I first saw this series of drawings at the projects room of Rosenfeld Gallery and the presentation at the fair is truly beautiful. At only 25, Karam Natour who is enrolled at the MFA degree at Bezalel Academy, has developed a unique style in his digital drawings, realized on his computer. These delicate yet powerful pieces, are like fragments from a personal diary, where the artist's unconscious and conscious worlds meet and where he questions and criticizes the art world, religion, culture and our society, with a lot of humor and wittiness.  I highly recommend watching this video for more about this promising artist. 

Digital Drawing, 50x50 cm


Daniel Oksenberg is presenting a series of seven large scale, rectangular paintings. I have a soft spot for artists using social media as the starting point of their creation and this is the case of Daniel Oksenberg, whose paintings are inspired by photographs he takes with his smartphone and posts on his favorite social media channel, Instagram. That's only the start of the painting, the result is surprising, totally unique, in its composition and colors, and makes the viewers and the artist rethink familiar narratives and situation from a new perspective. 

"Car inspection stickers", 2017, Oil, industrial paint, oil pastels, spray paint, markers and pencils on canvas, 186X86 cm
Photograph: Kobi Bachar

Naama Roth

I've been following this artist since her ambitious and successful final project at the Shenkar School in 2015. Naama Roth works between the medium of painting, sculpture and installation, Her pieces offer a contemporary take on modernist processes. One of my favorite works at the booth is "Tribute to Some, 2015', what looks like a revisited version of an air conditioning filter and is a playful wink to modernist masters and to the renowned Israeli artist, Yaacov Agam. 

Tribute to Some, 2015, mixed media, 57.5x57.5 cm

Tribute to Some, 2015, mixed media, 57.5x57.5 cm


It's refreshing to see an artist honoring materiality, using different materials such as cement, wool, metal and fiberglass fabric. Through them Soffer explores the tension between the two and three dimensional image, preconceived ideas surrounding the "feminine" and the "masculine" in history of art and how one one can document personal and universal memory. 

20 square meters, 2017, 80x90 cm, Iron net, concrete and synthetic wool

Dede - Behind The Scenes

Dede - Behind The Scenes

If you know Tel Aviv street art, you know Dede. Famous for his eponymous band aids and his deformed urban animals that adorn walls all over the city, Dede has established his place in the art world. His art often deals with social issues of the urban sphere. It acts as a remark or an observation meant to point attention to things that are overlooked. It has a unique balance of wits, humor and simplicity and always displays elaborate technique and ambition. 

Dede prefers to keep his identity unknown. Luckily for me, our paths crossed, and I have the privilege of working with him since. So when I realized a piece commissioned by the Tel Aviv municipality was going to be made, I took the opportunity to join, help and report back.

So where to begin? This piece evokes several points of interest. The location of the piece is as central as it gets, hardly the neglected outskirts of the city where one usually finds street art. The fact it was commissioned by the municipality challenges the consideration of the piece as “true street art”. The subject matter of the piece demands interpretation. And lastly – how was this ambitious piece physically made? 

For me, the last question was the most exciting one to answer. Seeing street art being made is very cool. It brings you face to face with creativity, determination and excellent improvisation skills. This piece required carfeul geometric planning. Dede even made custom calipers to execute it properly. Nonetheless, accidents do happen. All the stencils that were created for the piece were splashed with water when a tenant washed his apartment. Luckily a hairdryer saved the day. The tenant’s wife felt so bad she made us tea all night! Turns out art does bring out a good side of people. Aside from a very angry juicer who was worried about the sprays smell scaring customers away, people crossing were curious and excited to see the finished piece. 

The finished piece depicts a typical emergency stop button, closed in a glass box, with a key to its left. It’s an invitation to the busy people passing on this busy Tel Aviv street to stop, slow down, and take a break from the hectic city life. The wall in question belongs to a local power station. I believe that adds a subversive and critical aspect to the piece. Anyway, street art, like any art, is at its finest when numerous interpretations can be made. 
If you want to hear more about the piece and the issues it raises visit the Alternative Tel Aviv Blog for the full coverage.

by Cobi Krieger

Five Highlights in Jerusalem’s Art Scene

Five Highlights in Jerusalem’s Art Scene

As April approaches, we are looking forward to some wonderful new exhibitions in Jerusalem.  

Aliza Auerbach From Stone to Sea, Photographs 1970-2015. Curated by Gay Raz.

From Stone to Sea highlights the career of Israeli photographer Aliza Auerbach (1940–2016), whose photographs have followed the trajectory of Israeli culture and art for approximately fifty years. From Stone to Sea exhibits photographs from various series, revealing different aspects of the artist’s career through her intimate connection with land, people and especially her connection to Israeli culture. On view at The Jerusalem Artists’ House until April 22.

Aliza Auerbach, Louise Bourgeois

Benji Boyadgian The Discord . Curated by Basak Senova and Jack Persekian.

The roots of The Discord starts with its geological definition, and Boyadgian’s complex exhibition looks at eroded ornamental tiles for inspiration. After six years of research and working on this project, the artist projects ideas of history, conflict, memory, authenticity and autonomy onto these patterns known from ‘classical’ Middle Eastern architecture and culture, and sets off on a painting process that encompasses the mutation of the patterns. Using watercolor, Boyadgian dismantles the physical and metaphorical layers and temporalities that have until now created the story of these tiles.
On view at the Al Ma’mal Center for Contemporary Art until April 22.

Benji Bdjoyan, Discord

No Place Like Home.
Curated by Dr.Adina Kamien Kazhdan. 

No Place Like Home highlights the artistic appropriation of domestic objects, celebrating a movement that was prominent in the early 20th century with artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama. The exhibition consists of 120 artworks, organized as a series of “rooms”, where corresponding galleries are labelled  as “bedroom”, “living room”, “bathroom” and other common home spaces. The works on display prompt new perspectives on concepts that are negotiated in the domestic sphere; such as gender roles, definitions of family and questions of place and displacement.

On view at the Israel Museum until July 29, 2017.

Exhibition view no place like home courtesy of the Israel Museum Photo by Elie Posner

Trickle, Sara Benninga and Noam Bar. Curated by Tamar Gispan-Greenberg  

The exhibition Trickle at the New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, emerged as a result of the New Gallery’s active studio artist Sara Benninga inviting artist Noam Bar to present her work in a joint exhibition. Trickle illuminates themes of identity using the contrasting works of Sara Benninga’s paintings and Noam Bar’s sculptures.
The exhibition raises questions regarding a conceptual “trickle” of material by focusing on subjects like fragmentation and the connection of different worlds, blending background, space, interior and exterior. Digital images and flickering screens preoccupy the artists’ work as they blend background, space, interior and exterior.

On view New Gallery, until 21.4.17.

New Gallery Trickle Exhibition View Photo by Dor Kedmi

Mindy Weasel,  Meditations on Love

Meditations on Love is the first solo show of Jerusalem based artist Mindy Weisel, whose expressive paintings are identified as a language of process, emotion and layers. The twelve action paintings exhibited in this show are created spontaneously and emerge from Weisel’s observations of her city of residence, Jerusalem, her own personal history, and her meditations at the moment in which she paints. The results activate the viewer, questioning the subconscious— as the paintings answer with their deep colors, hidden words and markings on the canvas.  
On at Rosenbach Contemporary until May 2, 2017.

Mindy Weisel at Rosenbach Untitled

Contemporary March in Madrid

Contemporary March in Madrid

This month we recommend two exhibitions in art galleries in Madrid: 

At Gallery Silvestre (39 Calle Doctor Fourquet), the Israeli artist Ella Littwitz is showing her project called "Everybody knows that the boat is leaking" and it's your last chance to visit it (until March 22nd).
"The raising of Lod's mosaic revealed a trace: that of someone who was there in the third century, taking care of setting the tiles that adorned the floor of that patrician house. The bed of the mosaic, found by chance, showed the negative of a foot. There literally appeared a trace of the process, which was revealed as an open book. Here a scroll shows in this room the letter of a lay: in situ, ex situ, non situ ... Both figures are prepared to transport of a possible reading to another, from the roots to the tips of a story a thousand times told, and started again. A story we all know and seems to have no beginning or end."

Also to be highlighted, the exhibition at Gallery Combustion Espontánea (20 calle Amaniel). It is called "The Fourth Wall", related to the fictional reality of Din Matamoro & Alan Sastre and it runs until April 1st. 

pic @combustionespontanea


In Caixa Forum, we recommend the retrospective of the works by the American photographer Philippe Halsman. He is known for the portraits he made of celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe during the 20th century. 

London March Art Guide

London March Art Guide

Marine Tanguy gives us three recommendations for an arty month of March in London!

- Royal Academy of Arts: Not just for the Royal Academy of Arts members' garden (the nicest hideaway) but for its two current exhibitions. In a time when society is divided, the Royal Academy of Arts is showing 'America After The Fall' - an exhibition discussing America in the wake of the Wall Street Crash bearing anxiety, nostalgia and pessimism - next to its second exhibition 'Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932', which completely in contrast, depicts artists and people in hope of a better society. In both exhibitions, artists capture and record the mood of the times and these moods evolve: while the USA will soon recover with jazz and a world of colours, the Soviet Union artists will lose their freedom of expression and idealistic visions. 

- Jennifer Abessira, Camden Collective: My team and I have spent quite a few days in overalls painting a room entirely pitch black (from floor to pipes to ceiling!) to feature the next project of our artist Jennifer Abessira. Jennifer loves movies and refers to her favourite screened moments in her art. We wanted to recreate this full vision in a room of its own. It hopefully carries a little Tel Aviv back to grey London. Drop me a line if you wish to visit it! 

- Get out of London! Jump on a train and head to Fareham to see the studio of artist Alexandra Lethbridge. You will encounter an endless archive of found photographs, archival imagery and constructed images of her own making. You will be inspired by her playful and experimental approach and you lose track of fiction and reality. Heaven.