Maria Jose Manjon: co-founded Art Gallery Tour in 2013 with Eloisa Avila. She is a social-art-cultural entrepreneur, international projects manager and contemporary art lover. Maria has an MBA from ESCP Europe in Paris and Bangkok (2004) and an Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid (2012).

Eloisa Avila: co-founded Art Gallery Tour in 2013 with Maria Jose Manjon. Eloisa is a social-art-cultural entrepreneur, collaborating with many companies vinculated to art and culture. She is a regular speaker on the radio program Capital Arte. Eloisa holds a MA in art, photography and contemporary art and has interned at Sotheby’s.  


Madrid is one of the centers of European art and culture. The well-equipped city has amazing things to offer lovers of art: The Prado Museum, the Thyssen, the Reina Sofía, contemporary art galleries, a variety of cultural institutions, internationally acclaimed art fairs such as ARCO and much more!


Art Gallery Tour is a pioneer initiative in Madrid that aims to bring contemporary art to the general public through guided tours. Our tours bring visitors to the contemporary art galleries most representative of the city, located in magnificent spaces in the three most historic districts of Madrid: Salesas, Letters and Salamanca. Participants will discover a wide variety of media used, while learning about new and different ways to perceive and appreciate contemporary art.
Our tours are approximately two hours long and take place in the neighborhood of the participants choice within Madrid. Visitors have the opportunity to see between five and seven art galleries, accompanied by an expert in contemporary art who will provide rich insights into the artists’ minds and interesting information about the art works exposed. 
We provide our tours in English and Spanish. 

The price is $60.00 a person for private tours. For a public tour (joining an existing tour) please contact us to receive possible dates and prices. 

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