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«Die Galerie Rosenfeld gehört seit über 60 Jahren zu den etabliertesten im ganzen Land und hat sich mit Künstlern wie Zoya Cherkassky oder Tal Shochat auf zeitgenössische israelische Kunst spezialisiert. Es war die erste Galerie, die vom Zentrum Tel Avivs in den Süden der Stadt gezogen ist, quasi den Künstlern nach. Die temporären Ausstellungen sind sehr interessant und öffentlich zugänglich.»

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Transavia France

Read about Oh So Arty founder Sarah Peguine’s favorite places in Tel Aviv in the latest edition of Transavia France airline magazine.


The Collector's chronicle by collectors agenda

The Collectors Chronicle is a publication of Collectors Agenda, appearing several times a year, on the occasion of international art scene events such as art fairs and biennials, distributed free of charge. 
Read their 2018 interview with Oh So Arty founder, Sarah Peguine.



Afar is a publication focused on experiential travel.

"Traveling deeper into a culture has gotten easier in the past few years - and has even become a business model..."


Local’s Lore

Are you planning a getaway to Tel Aviv? Good! We've got your art-slash-design-slash-fashion guide covered. We've teamed up with a good friend of ours, Sarah, to take you around the city's creative hotspots.

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Vacation Idea

Participants receive a one-of-a-kind chance to explore the city's art galleries, museums, and studios and meet with gallery directors and artists directly in their working environments. 


transavia france

Transavia France’s newly launched magazine is all about modern travel. Oh So Arty tours are included in the July 2018 issue as a must for travelers seeking a local and authentic experience.


elite traveler

'Setting out to offer visitors an insider’s view of the contemporary art scene in cities around the world, gallery director and art consultant Sarah Peguine set up Oh-So-Arty, a community of international art guides who can provide bespoke art tours of their home towns.'


Passenger 6A

‘Guide du Jérusalem hipster’

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Time Out Israel

‘Those city insiders who always know what’s going on? Well, they didn’t get that way without doing some serious research. Let local guides take you around town to the White City’s hottest galleries to see the work of established and upstart artists alike!’


Arty Lab

'Sarah Peguine, the woman who connects art enthusiasts worldwide...'



'Oh So Arty was founded by Frenchwoman-turned-Tel Avivian Sarah Peguine, and it’s a platform to bring together art and design experts from cities around the world and art-loving travelers who want to learn more about the diverse art scenes in their destination.'

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Time Out Israel

‘Dolinger and Katz joined forces with Israeli art advisor Sarah Peguine to bring the best of Israeli contemporary art inside the shop. The trio of ambitious women have embarked on a series of three art events, in which emerging artists add their touch to the store’s existing architecture.’


Lonely Planet

'Tel Aviv is Israel’s cultural capital, but traditional museums are not always the best ambassadors for contemporary artists. For a more colourful look at what the city’s creative community is up to, book a spot on an alternative art tour.'


Culture Trip

Heading Inside the Galleries and Studios of Lisbon's Most Exciting Artists.


Wherever Family 

'There are a lot of reasons to love Tel Aviv, and why it’s an exceptional destination for a family trip.'


Culture Trip

7 Must Follow Bloggers from Israel
'Israel is home to a strong community of creative minds and culture savvy individuals, so it comes as no surprise that there are an array of bloggers producing fantastic content in a range of areas.'


Culture Trip

How to Spend 48 Hours in Jaffa
'Jaffa is one of the oldest ports in the world with a long and tumultuous history going back to biblical times.'


Culture Trip

Insider the Studios of Tel Aviv's Most Exciting Artists
'Tel Aviv is the creative, bohemian heart of Israel and home to a flourishing art scene that is diverse and dynamic in equal measure.'