ARTernative was founded by Talia Lederman and Danielle Heiblum. 


ARTernative’s guides offer a unique perspective through a variety of art tours – from tours in the best and most famous museums through to charming little galleries with contemporary art, to street art and graffiti in the most trendy neighborhoods in Europe!


All tours are offered in Hebrew and English.

You can join an existing group tour by contacting us or for a more personalized experience book a private tour. 






The art scene in Paris is not confined to just one venue type, instead it flourishes in museums, galleries, and on the streets.

The Paris neighborhood of Belleville is deifnitley the coolest place you will ever visited. The art in this area shows the reactions of street artists to the political climates in the city.

The gallery scene in Paris is primarily in Marais, known as a favorite area among Paris’s younger crowds. There are many hidden artistic corners and enchanting galleries here hiding within internal squares.

The Louvre is the most famous museum in the world and the largest in Paris (to see all it has to offer spending only 30 seconds per piece you’ll need 100 days!). We love to see the most interesting and beautiful pieces of the French and Italian collection. The famous Centre Pompidou in Paris holds some of the cornerstones of modern art such as Henri Matisse, Marcel Duchamp, and the Bauhaus movement. It also has an amazing contemporary art collection. 




ARTernative’s tours give you the opportunity to get to know the city from an artistic point of view, exposing the tour participants to new and surprising aspects of the city. Our art tours create a unique experience and invite participants on a fascinating journey following the city’s artists! Throughout the tours you will enjoy the highest quality instructors in an intimate atmosphere and learn about the art and the area, reach beautiful and hidden locations, and get away from the beaten tourist track.

We offer street art tours, gallery tours, and museum tours.


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