Matthew Marks Los Angeles
Ron Nagle
Ice Breaker
January 21 - April 8, 2017
The intimate ceramic miniatures of Ron Nagle are surrealist landscapes that generally measure no more than 4x4 inches. They explore a variety of fascinatingly complex textures: epoxy resin to polyurethane, automotive paint to airbrush techniques. Pulled from relative art world obscurity into the roster of dealer extraordinaire Matthew Marks, the SF-based artist has been enjoying quite a bit of attention with the dealer’s recognition of the artist’s oeuvre. There is something quite meditative about the little pieces, similar to meticulous artisan-crafted bonsai-tree terrariums, except with otherworldly vibrant colors.

Night Gallery
Claire Tabouret
January 27 – March 4, 2017
Claire Tabouret only recently caught my eye at FIAC 2016 in Paris this past October. I had seen her fiery figurative portraits in private collections, but this single artist presentation was like a strikingly refreshing solo show amid the haphazard displays throughout the fair. The sharp, penetrating gazes of her subjects expose a darker temperament. Smeared with makeup, the elegant dispositions turn askew and yet still possess a poise and elegance.

Francois Ghebaly
Dates TBD
Kathleen Ryan gained momentum when she unveiled her large-scale ‘reclining nudes’ series of concrete grapevines, strew upon pillars of marble like drunken Bacchants. It was a perfect fusion of the Classical and the Contemporary. Her quirky, abstracted ceramic parrots were also a fun interpretative element that she added to a huge, discarded chandelier. Curious to see what new works she will unveil in her upcoming exhibition with Francois Ghebaly.