Shanghai Fashion Week is approaching and it means that besides long lines for fashion shows, gorgeous, androgen models and bizarre and uber trendy fashion victims you also get to check out some new fashion activities crafted under the independent platform- Labelhood. I already mentioned it last season, that the real fashion week happens here and not in the official Shanghai Fashion Week tents. Lablehood is a great example of how government institutions recognized the potential of China’s new emerging design scene and truly support and fund that potential. Within this alternative event Labelhood offers a holistic experience of fashion presentation, fashionable art exhibitions, live concerts and a super cool market selling branded Labelhood products. These guys know what they are doing. Here is a what you need to be prepared for between 12-15 of October if you are in town. 


The Flocks
October 12th to October 15th

The Flocks are a brand that offers daily dress and accessories for young hipsters. Each season they try to capture their creative process within some experimental output- videos, photos, magazines and performance. This season their exhibition will revolve around the topic of partying. They chose to reflect on the notion of human interaction through the carpet as an object that both fixes people in their position but also liberates new forms of expression. You will see some cool interpretations on carpet like fashion objects/products and live performance to maximize the whole experience. Join the Flocks!

The Flocks.jpeg


Studio Aubruino
October 10th to October 15th, 2017

Studio Aubruino is a newly designed studio founded by Aubrey and Chih Chiu. Both artists attended London universities, Central Saint Martins and  Royal College of Art, respectively. They are showing their exploration of addiction. Their approach is very cool as they compare 60-70’s cyber punk to the current “Appelomania”. From the radical experimentation of back then to the minimal design approach of the iPhone which brought us technology packed in sleek conservatism. They will show the absurd and satiric side of technology and human progress, and of course, clothing.

studio Aurbruino.jpg



Angel Chen
October 15th, 2017 at 20:00

Angel Chen is probably one of China’s more curious designers. She is described as Chinese Punk, by the local press, but she could easily be credited for being globally cool. Having trained at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College in London, Angel was named as one of the “Top 5 graduate designers of the year” by i-D magazine, before going on to work for fashion houses Alexander Wang, Marchesa and Vera Wang. Now based in Shanghai, Angel Chen shows collections in London, Milan, Paris and across Asia. Last season she put up a mini quirky concert with Petite Meller and other awkwardly wonderful people to show her collection. This year, she is going back to traditional fashion presentation, though for a punk, nothing is traditional, so let’s see which subculture she going to hunt this time.

angel chen.jpg



Staff Only
October 14th at 18:30

Staff Only is a pretty cool brand, founded by designers Wen Ya and Zhou Shimei, both studied in London and worked for renowned fashion houses, Alexander Mcqueen, Tom Ford and more. Since they founded Staff Only, these two have rocked deconstructed, radical and cutting edge reflections on the modern life uniform. Quite conceptually and sometimes humorous they challenge gender, urbanism and bring a fresh breeze to the Shanghai fashion scene. This season they are carelessly turning their models and probably us into fishermen- “Catch More Fish” inspiration images and show invite make me want to put on water resistance boots and hop in a river! 

staff only.jpg


Asian Dope Boys
October 13th at 23:00

Asian Dope Boys, Tianzhou Chen's power house of music performances, parties, fashion label and platform for unique experiences are hitting Shanghai Fashion Week again. Last April they put up one of the best shows in SHFW with a radical collection presented on the coolest kids in town in collaboration with Zebra Katz. This time they are having a multitude of unique live performances. When in Shanghai, be high.

asian dope boys.jpg