Exhibition: Control to Collapse
Artists: Artists Rebecca Byrne, Liz Elton, Ann-Marie James, Clare Price, Tamsin Relly, Alex Roberts, Tim A Shaw, Susan Slugett and Laura Smith
Venue: Blyth Gallery, Imperial College
Dates: Until January 3rd, 2018

The artists in Control to Collapse feel, interpret and respond to the viscosity of pigment and the absorbency of surface to find painterly gestures that take an active role in conveying meaning. Through this tactile connection with their materials, these artists draw on bodily intellect and let muscular memory guide the application of paint. 

control to collapse.jpg


Exhibition: Cézanne Portraits
Artist: Paul Cézanne
Venue: National Gallery
Dates: Until February 11th, 2018

All of these works are incredible, bold, expressive and to the point. It's incredible to have all of them in one room and to see the evolution of Cézanne's brushstrokes over the years. 

unnamed (2).jpg


Exhibition: Rachel Whiteread
Artist: Rachel Whiteread
Venue: Tate Britain
Dates: Until January 21st, 2018

Her art turns things in and out: it's poetic and challenging. And yes, there is a strange quietude as you walk around the exhibition. A must!