Exhibition Title: Reconfiguration
‏Artist: Patty chang
‏Venue: Bank Mabsociety gallery
‏Dates: May 13- July 2, 2017

Patty Chang's early video works have depicted a horrifying, yet comforting experiences of fear, passion and conflict. Eating an onion while french kissing your parents, or uniting with an eel crawling under her button down shirt, are just two of the provocative and poetic expressions of Freudian anxieties we all kinda share. This has made her one of the “most consistently exciting artist of her time”. The current show is a lecture/performance based on the artist’s travels along the South-North Water Diversion Project, from its beginning at Danjiankou to the final reservoir in the outskirts of Beijing.

‏Exhibition Title: Solo show
‏Artist: Julian Opie
‏Venue: Fosun foundation
‏Dates: Until June 10, 2017

Cause if there is a blockbuster in town you gotta go see it!

julian opie 3.jpeg

Exhibition title: Where the end starts
‏Artist: Kwas
‏Venue: Yuz Museum
‏Dates: Until August 13, 2017

Kwas does everything that is hype from graffiti to illustration to Popart to f*ckng collaborating with Uniqlo. Can’t get more commercial than that, and Shanghai seems to be the perfect fit for it!
‏(oh don't forget to catch a DJ set at a speakeasy place after, and instagram all of it under "#hipsters don't die, they just get too predictable")