Exhibition: Royal Academy Summer Show
Artist: Scarlett Bowman
Venue: Royal Academy
Dates: Until August 20, 2017 

It's that time of year again! I love the Royal Academy Summer Show, as it is one of the nicest ways to enter summer time in England. It's massive, has so many works (1200 artworks +) and it is so much fun! This year is very special to us as our artist Scarlett Bowman was one of the artist selected with the works below. Scarlett Bowman’s work addresses material culture and modern craft.

Exhibition: Still unresolved and very much ongoing 
Artist: Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix
Dates: Until August 5, 2017

The relationship between socio-political matters and the arts has always been a tricky one. Should we speak about political facts or should we not? Can aesthetics be relevant to these contexts? Go to the exhibition and build your own point of view with the art on display. 

Exhibition: Partition - Art Night x MTArt
Artist: Marine Hardeman
Dates: July 1 - 6, 2017 

Sewer drains are everyday elements that exist in urban spaces that we barely notice. The project of artist Marine Hardeman literally highlights what exists under our feet in the underground of the city. Hardeman does so by playing with the contrast of light and dark through a graphic play of light bursting through several horizontal and vertical installations from the sewer drains below. Sewer spotlights are central to the piece, which ignite independently to create a spatial performance. Hardeman’s innovative use of alternative spaces both enhances and responds to the urban environment we live in.