Exhibition title: Material Light Shows by Georges Meurant
Artist/s: Georges Meurant
Venue: Aeroplastics contemporary, rue Washington 186 à 1050 Brussels
Dates: From 15 June, 2017

George Meurant is a belgian colorist painter whom I particularly like. In 1990 he invented the figural field, the experiment of which continues. His painting becomes a patchwork of colored rectangles by which he experiences the interactions between tones. He paints in oil, on wood, in generally square formats, no color is the same, and varies according to the hours of the day

Exhibition title: Nicolas Party, Three Seasons
Artist/s: Nicolas Party
Venue: Xavier Hufkens Gallery, 107 rue Saint-Georges, 1050 Brussels
Dates: Until 15 July, 2017

For his inaugural exhibition at the gallery, Swiss artist Nicolas Party has executed two site-specific murals that transform the interior while creating a singular environment for a recent group of large-scale pictures and bronze sculptures. The simple, classical and almost generic subjects (the still life, the landscape, the nude) coupled with the artist’s distinctive style (inexpressive, reductive, devoid of anecdote) gives rise to images of great visual immediacy and a profound, almost unsettling, stillness.  


Exhibition title: Benoît Platéus, Telephone Poles
Artist/s: Benoît Platéus
Venue: Albert Baronian Gallery, 2 rue Isidore Verheyden, 1050 Brussels
Dates: 9 June - 15 July 2017

The young belgian artist Benoît Platéus photographs the spaces he experiences : modern urban views, interiors, caves - as many spaces that surround him but which he does not master. He pays particular attention to light, that light whose intensity deconstructs the image; A powerful flash that can be caused by a ray of sunlight as well as a flashlight. These moments of blinding openness, those meanwhile we enjoy when a ray of sunlight blinds us a fraction of a second and immediately forget them, are moments that he places at the center of his work.