- by Hadas Zucker

It’s too humid to get sentimental and probably too hot to stay out, there is no better time than Shanghai's summer to occupy museums and galleries in the city to get cooled with really powerful AC and refreshing art!

Exhibition title: Now is the summer of our discontent
Artists: Various Chinese and International artists
Venue: Bank Mabsociet Gallery
Dates: Until 9 August, 2017

Disclaimer: I show my work there, so hell ya!!! come to visit! 

Summertime sees our sentiments dilated and logic subdued by sweltering hot winds, lazy daydreams, and sweet fruit. In this exhibition they intrigued to ponder, to what extent can objects accommodate and express these seasonal sensations. BANK invites 21 artists of different generations and backgrounds to join our summer carnival. Some of these artists are exhibiting in Shanghai for the first time while others are of BANK’s usual stable. Spanning video, photography, installation, and with a focus on painting, the colors of summer come to life.

Exhibition title: All the single ladies
Artists: Guo Cheng and Shen Han
Venue: J Gallery 
Dates: 29 July - 8 September, 2017

The exhibition will showcase works by Guo Cheng and Shen Han, two young Chinese artists that have studied and lived in multicultural backgrounds-  Cheng works are concerned with the impacts and influences of mainstream or new technology on the social, cultural and ethical while Shen does works which are structuring a connection between the material and perception through the act of ‘painting’. The exhibition article, written by the Li Bowen, deals with the metaphor of the pseudo-genealogical that marks the relationship between the two bodies of work.

Exhibition title: Wavelength: Through things
Artists: Group exhibition of contemporary artist and designers
Venue: Times Art Museum, Beijing
Dates: 5 August - 13 August, 2017

New Consumerism is more a socially engaged act bound up in issues of sustainability and authenticity. This fashion x art group exhibition proudly presents the recent work of 18 contemporary artists and designers active in the US, Europe and China. By bringing together conceptual fashion pieces, visual arts, jewelry, sculpture and multimedia installations, the exhibition illustrates a global trend in consumerism and lifestyle - the integration of Art, Fashion and social life.