Event: Don't Think Twice - Temporary Public Art at London Bridge Station
Artist: Jennifer Abessira  
Dates: 15 September - 26 November, 2017

Yes, art can come to you. Even when you quickly run to the train station with a coffee in hand. MTArt partnered with Network Rail and Team London Bridge in displaying 72 photographs of artist Jennifer Abessira outside of the London Bridge Station. Abessira specialises in using images which reflect cultures and communities and she assembles them to create a meaningful and colourful narrative.

jennifer copy 2.jpg

Event: Clinic 2
Artist: Jasmine Pradissitto
Dates: 20 September - 25 September, 2017

Lead by creative agency Vitamin London, this show will discuss the future of technology. The works of Jasmine Pradissitto are described as ‘holograms you can touch’, forms inspired by nature, the human condition and scientific breakthrough, are melted and reshaped from plastics into sculptures.


III. Turner Contemporary, Artist Rooms - Phyllida Barlow
Dates: Until 24 September, 2017

I am obsessed by the works of Phyllida Barlow - I LOVE the way she uses 'stuff' and makes it great, engaging and visually playful.