This month’s recommendations are all about exhibitions taking place in new venues which are now flourishing in Tel Aviv. Experimental, untraditional and artists-run galleries are the highlight of this fall.

Exhibition: Targishu BeNoah
Artists: Various artists, Gil Yefman, Kher Fody, Galia Uri
Curator: Iris Simhony
Venue: Gallery 4, Florentin
Dates: Until November 4th, 2017 

Gil Yefamn is one of my favorite contemporary artists today. His colorful eccentric works deal with gender, memory, the holocaust and basically all which is usually treated as marginal. In this exhibition he collaborates with artist Kher Fodi from Acco and his art students. They have created an installation made of trash found in the streets of the northern city and created a work that relates to the asylum seekers situation today.

תרגישו בנח - עיתונות.jpg


Exhibition title: You could have come by elephant
Artist: Liron Cohen
Venue: Mars
Dates: Currently Open

Mars is a new gallery based in a design studio in Jaffa. It's defined as "a place for artworks, books, magazines, fashion, jewels and thoughts that wrap them all together or lay in the spaces between them.” The first exhibition in this space will be of the talented illustrator Liron Cohen which weaves together classic modernism and contemporary art.

לירון כהן.jpg


Exhibition: First Light
Artists: Various Artists
Curators: Hagit Peleg Rotem and Yuval Saar
Venue: Old Jaffa street gallery
Dates: Until October 31, 2017

This exhibition inaugurates the new city gallery in the alleyways of old Jaffa – an open gallery displayed in light boxes. The first exhibition is dedicated to the best works presented in this year’s graduation exhibitions in the various art and design academies in Israel. 60 works have been chosen by the curators and as a whole this is a colorful, insightful and promising exhibition.