Exhibition: Cezanne Portraits  
Artist: Cezanne
Venue: National Portrait Gallery
Dates: Until February 11th 2018 

I love Cezanne and I will go see this exhibition again so many times before it ends. Each portrait bears so much brutal sincerity. The best get away from our Instagram filters. 



Exhibition: Monochrome: Painting in Black and White
Artists: Rembrandt, Ingres, Picasso, Richter, Eliasson, and more
Venue: The National Gallery
Dates: Until February 18th 2018

Grey gives you so much to imagine from, notice and appreciate. It's always so incredible to see how many artists are drawn to experiment with shadow and light. It's beautiful and it's bold. 



Sir John Soane Museum  
(Open all year, no specific exhibition) 

My favourite cabinet of curiosities, Sir John Soane has an incredible eye and a thirst for knowledge. Every wall, every corner is covered with art and antiques. The dream for an art collector.