Recommendations of what to see in the New York art scene this month by our local guide, Maya Yadid. Discover even more on a private tour.


Exhibition: SPRING/BREAK Art Show
Artist: Various Artists
Venue: the former James A. Farley Post Office
Dates: March 6th until March 12th, 2018

SPRING/BREAK Art Show is an annual art fair dedicated to emerging artists and independent curators. While the Armory Art Week holds mostly traditional and established galleries, SPRING/BREAK is known as the fresh alternative. The seventh annual fair will be held at the former James A. Farley Post Office, a historic building in Times Square. More than 100 curators have been selected to present shows that draw on this years theme; "Stranger Comes To Town".



Exhibition: The Armory Show
Artist: Various Artists
Venue: Piers 92 & 94
Dates: March 9th until March 11th

New York's premier fair for contemporary art will feature 200 leading international galleries, innovative artist commissions, and public programs. For the second time, The Armory Show will spotlight “Platform”, a curatorial project featuring large-scale artworks, installations and commissions across Piers 92 & 94. Selected projects include Berndnaut Smilde, an Amsterdam based artist who stages a theatrical set as a site for the repeated generation of a cloud (find his work at pier 94). Another interesting work is by Wilmer Wilson IV, who will occupy Pier 92’s Publications Lounge to show a large-scale installation of a carved salt wall.



Exhibition: Triennial 2018: Songs for Sabotage
Artist: Various Artists
Venue: The New Museum
Dates: Until May 27th, 2018

The New Museum Triennial is a recurring exhibition dedicated to emerging artists from around the world. The main concept of the Triennial is to provide exposure for new artists who are shaping the current discourse of contemporary art.  This year will show approximately thirty artists from nineteen countries.