Recommendations of what to see in the London art scene this month by our local guide, Marine Tanguy. Discover more on a private art tour!


Exhibition: The EY Exhibition Picasso 1932 - Love, Fame, Tragedy
Artist: London
Venue: The Tate Modern
Dates: Until September 9th, 2018

Incredible exhibition and well worth the wait! It’s an insight into the making of a 20th century name brand with its change of styles, bold statements and intensive production. 



Exhibition: All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life
Artist: Various Artists
Venue: Tate Britain
Dates: Until August 27th, 2018

This exhibition aims to show the importance of life painting - I argue that there are too many saucy nudes.



Exhibition: The Classical Now
Artist: Various Artists
Venue: King’s College Cultural Institute
Dates: Until April 28th, 2018

How can contemporary art help us understand our present? Superb show with artists Damien Hirst, Picasso, Quinn, Nauman and Leo Caillard.