Recommendations of what to see in the London art scene this month by our local guide, Marine Tanguy. Discover more on a private art tour!


Exhibition: All Too Human
Artists: Various Artists
Venue: The Tate Britain
Dates: Until August 27th, 2018

Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Frank Aurbearch.. can we wish for a better line up? Get ready for skin, suspect fashion choices and again, a lot of skin. Amazing use of the paint material and a good way to face up to the mirror. 



Exhibition: Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece
Artists: Auguste Rodin and Various Artists
Venue: The British Museum
Dates: Until July 2018

Rodin may have taken the core of philosophical ideals in his sculptures, he gave them life and emotions. While you walk around the classical sculptures of the Parthenon, you can’t help but crave for a human feeling like the Burghers of Calais. I am biased as I love Rodin but I do recommend the exhibition. 



Exhibition: The Squash
Artist: Anthea Hamilton
Venue: The Tate Britain
Dates: Until October 2018

It’s a little mad but a good response of old establishment art. I wish it was bearing more meaning.