Recommendations of what to see in the Bilbao art scene this month by local insider María José Orihuela.

2019 started with good news for art lovers in Northern Spain: Chillida Leku Museum, former house of the great Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida, reopens its doors to the public next April after 8 years of closure. It does so with a renovated team, some improvements on site and more importantly, a plan to host visiting exhibitions and hold events in collaboration with other art institutions. Counting the days until it happens!


Exhibition: Alberto Giacometti. A Retrospective

Artist: Alberto Giacometti

Venue: Guggenheim Bilbao

Dates: until March 24th

Last June, Fondation Giacometti in Paris opened the doors of Atelier Giacometti, a faithful reconstruction of the artist’s studio in the same city. At the same time, Guggenheim New York held a major retrospective of the artist, showing nearly 200 sculptures, paintings, and drawings. This exhibition has now arrived to Bilbao and it is currently our best show.

© Alberto Giacometti

© Alberto Giacometti


Exhibition: En el Tiempo

Artist: Carlos Cánovas

Venue: Sala Rekalde

Dates: From February 15th until May 19th

Carlos Cánovas’s photography focus on spaces where nature and human intervention converge. His work is strongly tied to Bilbao and its industrial landscape, where many of the photographs of the series were taken. Its title is ambiguous relating to the temporal condition, it could be translated by “In Time”, but perhaps more accurately “Inside Time”. Exhibition produced by Museo Universidad de Navarra in collaboration with Museo ICO.

La Piel que Habitamos II (The Skin we Dwell On). 2018. Photography© David Latorre

La Piel que Habitamos II (The Skin we Dwell On). 2018. Photography© David Latorre


Exhibition title: Architecture, Body and Attire.

Artist: David Latorre

Venue: Juan Manuel Lumbreras Galería de Arte

Dates: until February 15th 2019

Spaces that are about to become a ruin are captured in their final catharsis by David Latorre’s photography. During a visit, one is likely to be exposed to mixed thoughts and feelings of nostalgia, romanticism and loss, surely a trip worth a try.

03_Arq (1).png

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Header Image: Sculpture park at Chillida Leku © Museo Chillida Leku