Etienne Macret  was born and raised in Paris. Ettienne is an art advisor with a masters in art history and law from Sorbonne. A self-proclaimed bibliomaniac, his approach to art advisory is didactic, spending many hours in the library doing research. He is an avid traveler and has lived in New York and Brussels. 

Past research driven curatorial projects include: Russian Turbulence at Charles Riva Collection, Georges Demeny and Chronophotography. He has also collaborated with Pierre Bergé for an architecture auction and was an intern at Anton Kern Gallery,

Since 2008, Etienne has held the position of editor of The Collectors List—an independent contemporary art guide and research driven advisory service. The program covers approximately 800 galleries and 400 museums, foundations and project spaces worldwide. The Collectors List consists of a curated selection of exhibitions, daily updated content on current and upcoming shows and a monthly newsletter.

Collaborating with galleries, museums, curators and collectors, Etienne also organizes museums and gallery tours, lectures, art fairs and artist studios visits with The Collectors List.


Paris is a savory mix of cultural heritage and vivid energy, where centuries collide in a unique way. Young project galleries have been popping up over the last few years, along with private collector ventures (Lafayette Anticipation, Fondation Etrillard, Fondation Vuitton, the soon to be Fondation Pinault right in the center of Paris) under the patronage of long standing institutions, as well as a large number of museums and galleries—connecting the dots of art history throughout the 20th & 21st centuries. 



On the walking tour, visitors will be guided around the Parisian art scene, visiting galleries, museums and artists’ studios, with architectural notes along the way and meeting with gallery directors and curators. There are a variety of neighborhoods visitors can walk through, including St. Germain, Belleville, Le Marais, Quartier Louise Weiss and more. Prior to each visit, participants will receive a list of the art shows in town and recommended places to go in the city.




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