Jenna Romano is a New Yorker by birth and Jerusalemite by choice. After moving to Jerusalem six years ago, she founded an online guide to the local contemporary art scene, CAIJ (Contemporary Art in Jerusalem), providing her growing audience with weekly art recommendations and other online content, also organizing private and public gallery tours.

Jenna earned a BA in Museum Studies with honors from Arizona State University (2009), and has since held positions in galleries in New York and Paris. She moved to Israel in 2011 where outside of building the CAIJ guide, she  writes about art and culture for a variety of publications, including the Jerusalem Post and Telavivian Magazine.


Jerusalem  is always concentrated with tourists. Most of them come to visit iconic religious places and historical sites, or to get acquainted with the market and well-known city attractions. Few, however, come to this city to discover the art scene.

The contemporary art scene in Jerusalem is hidden and dispersed, made up of galleries and museums ranging from large, established institutions to smaller city or individually funded projects and co-ops. Living among layers of the city’s intense politics, social issues, religion and history.  The contemporary art scene here is a hub of innovation, which sometimes offers insight into the intense dialogue present in the "holy city", simultaneously setting itself apart while  keeping up with international artistic discourse and trends. 


Pic by Philippe Pernet

Jenna's tours focus on revealing the contemporary art scene of Jerusalem in light of the unique character of the city. Tours are catered to the level of the participants; whether you are just beginning to understand contemporary art, or already have experience with it will direct the intensity/level of our conversations (my guests are invited to participate and lead conversations as much as you want!)  Additionally, we will meet with professionals on the scene along the way who will give us some insight into what it means to be behind-the-scenes in the Jerusalem art scene. 

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