Marine Tanguy has been working in the art world for the past seven years. 

An advocate for artists from a young age, Marine managed her first gallery at 21, opened her first art gallery in Los Angeles at 23 and finally created her current business, MTArt, to promote the artists she believed in across the globe. MTArt is the first artist agency promoting influential visual artists and specialising in talent management: building, growing and accelerating their careers.

Marine is a thought leader, writer and frequent speaker on contemporary art. She is a member of The Thousand Network, the Creative Industries Federation, the Association of Women Art Dealers and a fellow of the RSA.


I love the London Art Scene - it illustrates the city so well. That is, for its diversity, its vibrancy and its relevance to the contemporary art world. It's fair to say that it is one of the most important art capitals of the world. So many art galleries, businesses and artists rise or die over here. London represents every facet of the art world - from the garage exhibitions (Hackney) with the very young to the more traditional (West Side), to historical class museums (National Gallery and Royal Academy of Arts) to the very exclusive (Berkeley Square with Philipps). It's a tough city for artists, it's expensive, difficult to be heard and a struggle to get a studio - yet it attracts so many of the best (intellectually and technically) as a London recognition is still very much a benchmark. Recently, with Brexit, London has been even more heroic in my eyes: the multiple phrases #londonisopen (thanks to our mayor Sadik Khan) to many cultural initiatives designed to integrate the wider classes - festivals, digital streaming and studio units. I wouldn't dream of having registered my company in any other city and I am very proud to be a Londoner.


In her tours, Marine introduces you to London's Contemporary Art Scene, the young, underground art scene. The tour will begin by meeting at one of our artists studios where we will have a small breakfast. While we enjoy small treats we will discuss what it takes to look for the best up and coming artists.
Depending on the type of tour your select (scroll down for tour options) you will either visit 2-3 of the most interesting galleries in London, The National Gallery, another studio or all of the above. The tour will end in Marine's collector's home where she will show you her personal art collection.

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