Nora Boyd has spent the last decade in New York City, earning a BA from NYU and a Master's from Hunter College in Art History and Architecture. She works simultaneously in the art market, with advisors and private collectors, and in education, teaching undergraduates and giving hundreds of tours to broad audiences in museums and galleries around the city. Her expertise is in historical art and architecture, but she also curates and advises, making connections between art lovers, emerging collectors, and young working artists around the city.

New York’s art scene

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York's museums, galleries, and alternative art spaces are truly an infinite resource, with everything from the oldest art in the world to the strangest and most avant-garde, from tiny unassuming objects to massive installations. Its history is moneyed, dramatic, nouveau-riche, aristocratic, eccentric, scuzzy, institutional, punky, local, global, and fun.


The New York art scene is so robust, it can be overwhelming! My job is to curate the experience, and to weave in some understanding of history, architecture, collecting, science, real estate, and so on. I've worked with all sorts of people, and given tours in most of the museums and galleries in the city, so I can make historical or contemporary art fun and accessible, no matter who you are. My tours are social and engaging, and tailored to each group.

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