Valentina Di Pietro is an art historian, art advisor and tour guide in Rome. After completing an MA in Art History from the University of Rome, she specialized in modern and contemporary art—working for several years with renowned contemporary art galleries and dealers based in Rome. 

Valentina also received a license to be an official tour guide, and is the founder of "Vavitour" which offers VIP tours in Rome.
Valentina offers exclusive tours of Modern and Contemporary Rome—a different part of the “Eternal City”—customizing contemporary tours and personal art shopping. 


Rome is the “Eternal City”—its grand beauty was built through layers and layers of history throughout different eras which coexist side-by-side. Each new modern building that is built in the city generates arguments because of its shocking contrast with the historical context. Every contemporary art museum, space or exhibition deals with this contract and a constant misunderstanding, adding to its appeal. 

Rome offers what is probably the most interesting contemporary art museum in Italy, the MAXXI; as well as one of the most controversial, the MACRO, with artists of younger generations in competition with artists from the 1960s.

Rome doesn’t have an art district, but it does have a district of artists’ studios. The so-called Pastificio Cerere in the San Lorenzo neighborhood is a dynamic place where it’s possible to meet artists at work in their atelier. New, young galleries are spreading throughout the same district and further on into the suburbs where they fit very well amongst industrial spaces— these projects are really interesting. 

Roman street art also has a good reputation because the new underground culture is offering an alternative that seems to be more and more appraised. Other vivid art spaces are the foreign academies of art based in Rome, where foreign artists in residence work, opening their spaces to the public and often organizing pleasant events. 


Valentina provides exclusive guided tours to contemporary art museums, art galleries, foreign Academies of Art based in Rome and artists studios for private groups in Italian, English and Spanish. Each tour is customized and designed to fit all types of interests and demands. Over the past few years she has been guiding art lovers from all over the world, and by immersing them into this world, both visitors and Valentina herself as a guide have had inspiring and eye opening experiences.

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