Shani Werner is an experienced art tour guide in Israel and abroad, as well as a writer and art critic focusing on contemporary art and photography. Shani is a former guide and lecturer at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and former co-manager at the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv. Shani is a BA graduate in photography studies from “Camera Obscura School of Art” and a MA graduate in Art history at the Haifa University, Israel.
In 2013, Shani founded the “Talking Art” project, which is today one of Israel’s leading platforms for guided art tours. The project was initiated and still manifests the mediation of contemporary art to the public, striving to “talk art” as much as possible while offering various urban culture and art tours in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and a special line of VIP tours to Europe.


Shani believes that understanding art is also a way to understand the place in which it was made. As so, Israeli art is a port to getting to know this complex and beautiful country.
Shani offers custom tours designed to suit your interests, comfort and needs and will help get you acquainted with this extraordinary world through exhibition visits and private meetings with the field’s experts.
Highlighted Tour: Jaffa’s hidden workshops
In the magic alleys of Jaffa lays a true treasure of artist and designer workshops. Visitors can find these workshops in established artist’s residencies, stylish workshops, hidden studios and even in the living rooms of young upcoming artists. This walking tour takes us through different neighborhoods in Jaffa, revealing the history of Tel Aviv in its early days and the contemporary process of gentrification as young artists broaden the borders of the city.

We will visit 3-4 workshops, having the chance to meet the artists and designers in their working spaces —the intimate atmosphere of a place in which every creation is born. This is a 1.5-2 hrs. long walking tour designed for small groups only (up to 15 ppl. Max).

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