Exhibition: The Art of Utopia
Artists: Various Artists
Venue: Van Leer Institute Jerusalem
Dates: Until March 8th 2018

The Art of Utopia is an international graphic art exhibition reflecting on the idea of the perfect world. This idea has existed for millennia, but the dawn of modernity and the belief that man can create such perfection on his own has given birth to myriad utopian ideas in occidental thought. The Art of Utopia displays posters by 35 renowned artists from around the globe, presenting their take on the possibilities and dangers of the concept of the perfect world. 

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Exhibition: Partial Portrait: Fragmented Identities
Artists: Various Artists
Venue: Jerusalem Artists’ House
Dates: On view until January 27th 2018

The exhibition “Partial Portrait” explores the constant tension between the recognition that identities are a jigsaw puzzle of overlapping, clashing, connecting, and retreating parts, and our conviction that we know others. The works by Michal Heiman, Aram Gershuni, Yaron Lapid, and Assaf Shaham resonate the fragmentation of identity as an extensive, broad phenomenon. 

Yaron Lapid, Patterns (03), 2015, photographic composite from found image

Yaron Lapid, Patterns (03), 2015, photographic composite from found image


Exhibition: Jerusalem in Detail
Artist/s: Aviad Bar-Ness and Asaf Evron
Venue: Israel Museum
Dates: Until January 27th 2018

The exhibition was inspired by David Kroyanker's research, foremost chronicler of Jerusalem architecture, this exhibition focuses on often overlooked but highly symbolic design motifs hidden in the Jerusalem’s streets and buildings. It enables visitors to hone their observational skills and discover the functional and decorative details that say so much about the many nations, cultures, and ways of life that left their mark over the centuries. The display spotlights Jerusalem’s cosmopolitan visual richness and whets the appetite for further exploration of the city.

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