This month we recommend two exhibitions in art galleries in Madrid: 

At Gallery Silvestre (39 Calle Doctor Fourquet), the Israeli artist Ella Littwitz is showing her project called "Everybody knows that the boat is leaking" and it's your last chance to visit it (until March 22nd).
"The raising of Lod's mosaic revealed a trace: that of someone who was there in the third century, taking care of setting the tiles that adorned the floor of that patrician house. The bed of the mosaic, found by chance, showed the negative of a foot. There literally appeared a trace of the process, which was revealed as an open book. Here a scroll shows in this room the letter of a lay: in situ, ex situ, non situ ... Both figures are prepared to transport of a possible reading to another, from the roots to the tips of a story a thousand times told, and started again. A story we all know and seems to have no beginning or end."

Also to be highlighted, the exhibition at Gallery Combustion Espontánea (20 calle Amaniel). It is called "The Fourth Wall", related to the fictional reality of Din Matamoro & Alan Sastre and it runs until April 1st. 

pic @combustionespontanea


In Caixa Forum, we recommend the retrospective of the works by the American photographer Philippe Halsman. He is known for the portraits he made of celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe during the 20th century.