Marine Tanguy gives us three recommendations for an arty month of March in London!

- Royal Academy of Arts: Not just for the Royal Academy of Arts members' garden (the nicest hideaway) but for its two current exhibitions. In a time when society is divided, the Royal Academy of Arts is showing 'America After The Fall' - an exhibition discussing America in the wake of the Wall Street Crash bearing anxiety, nostalgia and pessimism - next to its second exhibition 'Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932', which completely in contrast, depicts artists and people in hope of a better society. In both exhibitions, artists capture and record the mood of the times and these moods evolve: while the USA will soon recover with jazz and a world of colours, the Soviet Union artists will lose their freedom of expression and idealistic visions. 

- Jennifer Abessira, Camden Collective: My team and I have spent quite a few days in overalls painting a room entirely pitch black (from floor to pipes to ceiling!) to feature the next project of our artist Jennifer Abessira. Jennifer loves movies and refers to her favourite screened moments in her art. We wanted to recreate this full vision in a room of its own. It hopefully carries a little Tel Aviv back to grey London. Drop me a line if you wish to visit it! 

- Get out of London! Jump on a train and head to Fareham to see the studio of artist Alexandra Lethbridge. You will encounter an endless archive of found photographs, archival imagery and constructed images of her own making. You will be inspired by her playful and experimental approach and you lose track of fiction and reality. Heaven.