May will be all about Heathrow and City airports with the Berlin Gallery Weekend, Frieze New York and the Venice Biennale. Yet, and always, London keeps on amazing me with a wide range of exhibitions to run to! 

Exhibition title:  You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred
Artists: Lucas Blalock, Anne Collier, Sara Cwynar, Natalie Czech, Andreas Gursky, Elad Lassry, Richard Prince, Thomas Ruff, Cindy Sherman, Erin Shirref, Wolfgang Tillmans, Sara VanDerBeek, Jeff Wall, Christopher Williams
Venue: Zabludowicz Collection
Date: Until July 9, 2017

We think we know what photography is and feels like with our constant upload of Instagram images. Well, be ready to be challenged, explore new manual photographic processes and rethink what an image is and stands for. 

Lucas Blalock

Lucas Blalock

Exhibition title: Ornamental Hysteria
Artist: Ashley Bickerton
Venue: Newport Street Gallery
Dates: Until 20th August

The American artist Ashley Bickerton is getting a major show at Damien Hirst's Newport Street Gallery. It's completely mad and a little madness is always welcomed. Hello colours, joys and tragedies! 

Detail of Ashley Bickerton's Red Scooter (2009)

Detail of Ashley Bickerton's Red Scooter (2009)

Exhibition title: A World View
Artist: John Latham
Venue: Serpentine Gallery  
Dates: Until May 21, 2017

John Latham was radical and believed that artists had an important role to pay in society (him and his wife set up the Artists Placement Group which placed artists and art within government offices). It's meaningful and relevant, go and see it! 


Header Image: Installation shot of the current exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection, You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred.

- by Marine Tanguy