Exhibition title: Solo show
Artist: Felix Gonzalez Torres
Venue: David Zwirner Gallery
Dates: Until June 24, 2017

Felix Gonzalez-Torres is one of my favorite artist and definitely the most significant artist to emerge in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 
In his minimalistic language and conceptual rigor, Gonzales was able to extract a rear observation about life, death and love through a constant dialogue between the private and public. Torres works gently travels through intimacy to politics, sweetness and tragedy, generosity and lost. 
Gonzalez-Torres died of AIDS-related illness in 1996, 5 years after his partner, Ross Laycock died of the same Disease. Many of his works reflect on the years living with HIV.
His billboard work, "Untitled", 1995 shows a photographic imagery of birds in the sky and is also displayed on multiple outdoor public billboards throughout New York City and can be found in the following locations: Hunts Point Ave. north of Longfellow Ave., The Bronx; Atlantic Ave. & Classon Ave, Brooklyn; 9th Ave. & 37th St., Manhattan; Broadway & W. 184th St., Manhattan; Woodside Ave. & 63rd St., Queens; and Richmond Terrace & York Ave., Staten Island.

F elix Gonzalez Torres  Billabord work showing around new York these days

Felix Gonzalez Torres Billabord work showing around new York these days

Exhibition title: Sound Talisman
Artist: Lisa Alvarado
Venue: Bridget Donahue Gallery
Dates: Until May 21, 2017

For her first solo show in new York, the Chicago based artist takes a form of a visual and sonic assemblage combining painting installation and a site specific sound piece.
Since 2010, Alvarado is creating paintings that function as moveable sets that follow her music band, ‘Natural Information Society’. For Alvarado and the Natural Information Society, the paintings serves as Mandalas to allow the audience to focus their gaze amidst waves of sound.  The exhibition includes an ambient soundtrack during regular hours as well as live music performances happening on May 8th and May 10th at 7:30pm.

Exhibition view of Lisa Alvarado at Bridget Donahue Gallery  

Exhibition view of Lisa Alvarado at Bridget Donahue Gallery

Exhibition: Living Modern
Artist: Georgia O’keeffe
Venue: Brooklyn Museum 
Dates: Until July 23, 2017

Best Known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, O'Keeffe has been recognized as the "Mother of American modernism”. 
Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern is the first show focusing on the artist’s wardrobe to explore a wider understanding of her identity and artistic values. 
This retrospective takes a new look at how the renowned modernist artist proclaimed her progressive, independent lifestyle through a self-crafted public persona—and how they are expressed in all aspects of her life. 

Header Image:  Torres Billabord - a constant dialogue between the private and public

Header Image: Torres Billabord - a constant dialogue between the private and public