What I love about Jerusalem in September is that it is, to some extent, a transitional artistic time - between vacation and the school year, between summer and the Jewish ‘high holidays season’, between the galleries year-end to the opening of fresh new art season! September is a month that leads up to many formative events in the Jerusalem art world in October (we’re looking forward to the Jerusalem Biennale and Manofim Art Festival), and meanwhile Jerusalem’s art scene is setting a unique, auspicious tone - use these recommendations as an art guide to September in Jerusalem.

Exhibition title: The Sweet Water Canal
Artist/s: Hili Greenfeld, curated by Hadas Glazer
Venue: Art Cube Artists’ Studios
Dates: On view until October 13, 2017. 

Hili Greenfeld’s solo exhibition Sweet Water Canal deals with a number of drawings and objects that an Israeli soldier took from an abandoned Egyptian home during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. The soldier became an artist himself and a teacher at Bezalel Academy and revealed these objects to Greenfeld because of the resemblance between these works and her own. Following the discovery, she started to work on this exhibition where she creates a tribute to the anonymous Egyptian painter, and ultimately deals with the lack of cultural relations between Israel and Egypt. 

Hili Greenfeld, _The Sweet Water Canal_ Exhibition view..jpg

Exhibition title: Sun’s Pirouette
Artist/s: Hadas Duchan 
Venue: Barbur Gallery 
Dates: Until September 15th

It’s always exciting to witness the first professional steps from young artists in Jerusalem. This is the first solo show from Hadas Duchan, who graduated from Bezalel Academy two years ago. In Sun’s Pirouette the artists’ experimental work embodies concepts from biology and nature, and Duchan treats the gallery as a laboratory, merging elements such as light, sound and botany to create a space leaves us drifting into the metaphysical.

View of Hadas Duchon, _Sun's Prouette_.JPG

Exhibition title: Black Box
Artist/s: Various Artists
Venue: 97 Yafo St. Outdoor Gallery
Dates: Current exhibition on view until October

The Black Box initiative, along with the city’s Municipal Visual Arts Department and Eden Company just opened a new street gallery last month. Over the past three years they’ve been working on founding this gallery, from the initial stages of picking a location to creating unique light boxes developed to display massive scale photographs. The gallery will serve as a permanent platform to showcase artists and various exhibitions and it’s purpose is to create an artistic portal that disengages the passerby from their daily routine, and engages them with aethstetic yet challenges works of art. 

Black Box View 1.jpg