Recommendations of what to see in the Lisbon art scene this month by local guide, Kasia. Discover even more on a private tour.


This month, I’ve decided to present a list of exhibition openings in Lisbon, as with new year, there are a few interesting ones. This way, if you are in the city, you can join easily and celebrate with the local art scene.


Exhibition: Land and Purpose
Artist: Sérgio Carronha
Venue: Monitor Lisbon
Opening: 19.01.2018 | 18.30
Dates: January 20th until March 3rd, 2018

‘(…) The artist, working mostly with earth-based materials - some more permanent and others more perennial - is currently based in Alentejo, where he is developing a long-term project in a piece of land; where he inhabits, collects his materials, produces his works, being the land a work of art itself. (…)’ I’m thrilled to visit this gallery, as it’s one of the newest in the city, with a fresh perspective and international background. Theirs ‘mother’ space is located in Rome, Italy.

Sérgio Carronha, Monitor Rome Lisbon, January 2018

Sérgio Carronha, Monitor Rome Lisbon, January 2018


Exhibition: Atrás do pensamento
Artist: Tiago Baptista
Venue: 3+1 Arte Contemporânea
Opening: 19.01.2018 | 19h
Dates: January 20th until March 3rd, 2018

In the text, which accompanies the exhibition of Tiago Baptista, we can read: ‘The title of the exhibition was ransomed from a sentence by writer Clarice Lispector, in the
book “Água Viva (Stream of life)”, which says the following: “I am after what´s behind
thought”. This sentence introduces another type of bond in the artist’s work. A bond beyond cinematography, consisting of literature and the images gleaned from reading it. (…)’. Baptista has been collaborating with the gallery almost from the beginning of its establishment in Lisbon. I’m really looking forward to seeing his new paintings, created for the occasion of this show. 

Tiago Baptista at 3+1 Contemporary Art

Tiago Baptista at 3+1 Contemporary Art


Exhibition: Now it is Light
Artists: various artists
Venue: Galeria Boavista
Opening: 25.01.2018 | 18h30
Dates: January 27th to March 10th, 20182

‘(…) This exhibition presents works of moving image, drawing and installation as well as archival contributions that investigate light as it recoils, reflects, refracts, diffracts and pierces through seemingly unaffected in a vertical scheme of geocosmic time. From the longwinded time of the astronomical plenum to the accelerated cadence of resource extraction, Now, it is Light is a space of inanimate worldings, of metals, minerals and stars whose magnitude is only relatively perceived. (…)’ The exhibition is a result of an open call for young curators, organized by Municipal Galleries in Lisbon in 2016. It will present a selection of artist, with the majority of them exhibiting their works for the first time in Portugal. A perfect possibility to experience both Portuguese and international influences. 


Exhibition: Mirror Plant
Artist: José Pedro Cortes
Venue: Galeria Francisco Fino
Opening: 26.01.2018 | 22h
Dates: January 27th to March 1st, 2018

‘(…) "Mirror Plant" brings together 25 recent photographs of such different territories as Dubai, Tokyo, Algarve or the artist’s studio in Lisbon – an essay on an unstable and beautiful world in constant mutation that enunciates the need to always keep learning how to take a fresh look at the known. (…) ‘ At the same time, there will be an opening of a new exhibition at Belo Campo, which is an original project of the artist Adrien Missika and is located in the basement of Galeria Francisco Fino. It will be great evening!

from the materials of Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, 2018

from the materials of Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, 2018