October brings with it many new exhibitions and the last chance to see some great ones that are already on view in Jerusalem! Check out our Jerusalem insider, Jenna Romano's recommendations of what to see right now.


Exhibition: Lifetime

Artist: Christian Boltanski

Venue: The Israel Museum

Dates: Until November 3rd

Israel Museum Lifetime  | Lifetime draws on Christian Boltanski’s oeuvre spanning thirty years, but the artist regards this exhibition as one artwork, a complete story composed of successive chapters: his early altar memorials to unknown people; large-scale installations addressing the subject of fate; and recent video works filmed in primal landscapes and charged with the power of myth. The journey through the exhibition proposes an itinerary that begins in darkness but leads to light, solace, and perhaps even the possibility of a new beginning.

Eyes, 2013, Printed fabrics, light bulbs, © Boltanski Christian.jpg


Exhibition: The Jerusalem Show IX

Artists: Various Artists

Venue: The Al’Mamal Foundation for Contemporary Art

Dates: Until October 31

The Jerusalem is an initiative of The Al’Mamal Foundation for Contemporary Art, organized in the old city, the event encompasses art exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks and film screenings. This year’s theme, Jerusalem Actual and Possible prompts curators and artists to use research in order to explore the history and present of Palestinian art in Jerusalem - mining collections, archives and institutions accessible from the city that will questions Jerusalem’s where, how and when.

The Jerusalem Show .jpg


Exhibition: Manofim Contemporary Art Festival

Artist: Various Artists

Venue: Various Venues

Dates: October 23-27

For the tenth year, the Manofim festival brings together all of Jerusalem’s art world for one night. Notable events for this week include: a night of exhibition openings around the city (Manofim hires shuttles to take visitors through all neighborhoods of Jerusalem!), artist appointments where visitors spend 45 minutes one-on-one with local artists inside their studios (registration required), and a full day art conference (registration required). The festival’s main exhibition is titled Properties, and will be held in several buildings throughout the Talbiyeh neighborhood of Jerusalem - both private home and public buildings - where the exhibitions will introduce questions about the reexamination of each multi-faceted space whose residents may have come to see as mundane and banal.


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