October was hectic in Bilbao with the city hosting the 25th edition of MTV’s European Music Awards (EMA). The city aims to keep up the energy this month with events, exhibition openings and FIG Bilbao, the international prints and art on paper fair. Discover Oh So Arty private art tour options in Bilbao here!



Exhibition: FIG Bilbao, International Print and Art Works on Paper Art Festival

Artists: Jorge Oteiza, Eduardo Chillida, Rafael Canogar, Ouka Leele, Katsumi Komagata, Iñaki Elosua Urkiri.

Venue: Euskalduna Conference Centre

Dates: 15-18th November


Formerly a prints & illustration festival, this rapidly growing show is getting more interesting by the year. By slightly shifting its scope towards prints & works on paper, it has opened the way to more galleries into the show. Some unmissable shows are: the Japanese xylography show, La Taller’s space, and Michel Mejuto’s gallery jewels, like a work by El Paso artist Rafael Canogar that was never exhibited before and I bet it finds a new home before the first half of the festival is over!

FIG Bilbao 2018, photo by María José Orihuela

FIG Bilbao 2018, photo by María José Orihuela


Exhibition: Erlea Maneros Zabala. Work 2017 - 2018

Artist: Erlea Maneros Zabala

Venue: Carreras Mugica

Dates: Until December 7th


Based between Lekeitio, Spain and Joshua Tree, California, Erlea Maneros (Bilbao, 1977) is a widely renowned artist whose conceptual work addresses, among other issues, the conflicts generated by image production and their distribution. A perfect fit for Carreras Mugica’s poetic gallery space.

Exhibition photo, work by Erlea Maneros Zabala

Exhibition photo, work by Erlea Maneros Zabala


 Exhibition: After 68. Art and Artistic Practices in the Basque Country 1968–2018. Part I: Music.

Artists: Pedro Iturralde, Delorean, Mocedades, Barricada, Duncan Dhu, Tulsa, Kortatu, Elena Setién.

Venue: Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao

Dates: Until April 4th


The greatness of this Basque art exhibition is such that this month I’m going to focus solely on one section of it: the one dedicated to Music, located on the museum’s top floor. It is worthy to take some time to listen, even randomly, to the carefully selected musical pieces. Try for instance, Las Morillas de Jaén (1968), by Pedro Iturralde to see how a Basque composer can deal with such a genre as “Flamenco Jazz” and enjoy how delightful it can be. Plus, the exhibition is loaded with lots interesting events around its theme.


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Header image: FIG Bilbao 2018, photo by María José Orihuela