Recommendations of what exhibitions to see in the Athens art scene by our local insider Margarita Kataga. To learn about Oh So Arty tours in Athens please click here.


Exhibition title: Cosmic Dramas

Artist: Liliane Lijn

Venue: Rodeo Gallery

Dates: December 9th, 2018, 12:00 (performance)

Exhibition: Until January 12th, 2019

The international gallery Rodeo is staging the performance of the international artist Liliane Lijn. With venues in London and Istanbul, Rodeo Gallery hosts important multi-disciplinary exhibitions of international status.



Exhibition title: Phenomenon Mother

Artist: Marina Provatidou

Venue: Gallery 7

Dates: Until December 8th, 2018.

The Amsterdam-based Greek artist Marina Provatidou, traces her childhood memories and the issue of motherhood in her site-specific project Phenomenon Mother. Issues of maternity with a feminist twist examine our identity in relation to the woman and parenthood.


Exhibition title: The Ruralists

Artists: Petros Efstathiadis, Emmanouil Zacharioudakis, Katerina Kana, Ioannis Koliopoulos, Zissis Kotionis, Margarita Myrogianni, Apostolos Ntelakos, Paola Palavidi, Alexios Papazacharias, Leda Papaconstantinou, Thanasis Totsikas, George Tsakiris, Alexandros Psychoulis.

Venue: a.antonopoulou art

Dates: December 5th, 2018 through January 19th, 2019

The exhibition presents thirteen artists who live and work outside the major urban centers. Paintings and sculptures, photographs and installations are created by a plethora of materials and techniques that are related to the environment. A show of leading Greek artist who examine our vital relation to nature.

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