Recommendations of what to see in the Warsaw art scene this month by our local guide, Zuzanna Zasacka. Discover more on a private art tour!


Exhibition: Tori Wrånes – Handmade Acoustics
Artist: Tori Wrånes
Venue: Ujazdowski Castle Center of Contemporary Art
Dates: Until September 30th, 2018

Tori Wrånes is one of the most interesting contemporary Norwegian vocalists and transdisciplinary artists, working at the interface of visual and performative arts. Combining performance with human voice and objects, she creates fantasy environments that result from a juxtaposition of paintings, sculpture, sound installation and film. The artist’s Handmade Acoustics, presented in Warsaw, is simultaneously an exhibition, installation, stage set and concert.



Exhibition: Silence and the Will to Live
Artist: Koji Kamoji
Venue: Zachęta – National Gallery of Art
Dates: Until September 19th, 2018

“Silence and the Will to Live” is a retrospective exhibition of the Japanese-born artist Koji Kamoji, who has been based in Poland since 1959. The exhibition in Zachęta presents a selection of works ranging from the 1960s to the present — paintings, drawings, and, crucially, installations. Created especially for the show, the monumental installation Silence and the Will to Live — a metaphor of a deeper relationship between man and nature — introduces new themes to Kamoji’s oeuvre. 



Exhibition: Silence and the Will to Live
Artist: Jadwiga Sawicka
Venue: BWA Warszawa
Dates: Until July 31th, 2018

Jadwiga Sawicka is known from her text installations inside galleries but also in the public space. Tin the exhibition ”Protest Reflex” she presents a snappy, expressive, concise, these phrases have been painted in black letters just like those seen on typical signs at a demonstration. While the context isn’t specific, these metaphors can nonetheless be seamlessly applied to any number of demonstrations, as is the case with Heart of the Nation.