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Art World Insiders Share Which Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Art World Insiders Share Which Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Anyone who follows us knows we love Instagram. Of course we enjoy being able to connect with our Oh So Arty followers through the app but it also provides an exciting new way to see what goes on behind the scenes in the art world. Just recently the legendary photographer Cindy Sherman made her Instagram public and gifted the world of social media with a whole new dimension of her work. Her feed overflows with quirky selfies that only she would be capable of producing. Our interest in Cindy Sherman’s page made us wonder what other artists working today had cultivated an intriguing Instagram feed. We wanted to find out about artists from all over the world so we turned to our local insiders for their recommendations and compiled a list of our favorites!  


Katarzyna Przezwańska (@przezwa)

This polish artist, recommended by our Warsaw guide Zuzanna Zasacka (@zzzasacka), brings the same luminous imagery to her Instagram as she does to her ethereal works on canvas.  Her feed provides a look at what inspires her art including out of this world manicures, botanical gardens, and quirky postcards.

Broken Fingaz (@brokenfingaz)

Yael Shapira, who runs Alternative Tel Aviv (@alternativetlv), shared her thoughts on one of her favorite artist Instagram pages! “The Broken Fingaz Crew from Haifa, Israel, is the most known Israeli art collective worldwide. They are four men born and raised in Haifa city and today they exhibit their marvelous art pieces at galleries, museums, art fairs and streets all over the world. Be sure to also follow @ghostown04, their independent label based in Haifa, promoting local artists, producing events, a clothing line and merchandise by the BFC."

Oz Barak (@_ozbarak) 

In a world full of constant digital photography it is refreshing to see film photography, even if it’s through the screen of your phone.  That’s exactly what you’ll see in the feed of portrait photographer Oz Barak, recommended by Jenna Romano (@jenna_h_romano).  Barak shares some of his most intimate and romantic works through his Instagram feed and it creates a strong nostalgic sentiment in the viewer.

Jennifer Abessira (@jenniferabessira)

Our London insider, Marine Tanguy (@marinetanguyart), loves the feed of artist Jennifer Abessira.  Jennifer’s feed brought an instant smile to our faces through it’s lively use of primary colors and hashtags.  A few of our favorite hashtags include #bauhausvibes, #SheWantedtoDieButSheAlsoWantedToLiveInParis, and #aGirlsAgunPeowPeow.  With gems like these it’s safe to say the Oh-So-Arty team is #following.    

Laurie Simmons (@lauriesimmons)

As the mother of one of the most provocative personalities of our time, Lena Dunham, it’s expected that Laurie Simmons would have an interesting Instagram.  Simmons is an important cultural figure in her own right and her feed provides a glimpse into her exciting life as a member of the New York art world, which is why our Paris insider Judith Souriau (@untitled_consulting) recommends giving her a follow.   

Elad Rosen (@eladrosen)

Shani Werner (@talkingarttlv) who runs the blog, Talking Art, suggests following artist, Elad Rosen.  Shani told us, "Elad is a painter and ceramics artist based in Tel Aviv and represented by the Rosenfeld gallery. His works are full of dark humor and stretch the boundaries between what is considered raw and aesthetic."

Marian Tubbs (@mariantubbs)

Our new Melbourne insider, Charlotte Cornish (@thehoneymoonsuite_) is a loyal follower of Marian Tubbs quirky feed.  If you like what you see on Tubbs feed be sure to check out her comprehensive website for more of her interesting work.   

The Photo House (@thephotohousetlv)

Venture back in time with the monochromatic feed of late master photographer Rudi Weissenstein, whose work is posted through the platform, The Photo House.  Shani Werner (@talkingarttlv) explained, "The Photo House maintains the archive and heritage of photographer Rudi Weissenstein who worked in Tel Aviv in the early 30s. This is a real delight for all you “oldies” fans out there."

Pipilotti Rist (@pipilottirist)

Our new Zurich insider, Diana Poole (@diana_poole_photography), recomends Pipilotti Rist.  Poole told us, "A pioneer of video art, since the mid-eighties, Pipilotti Rist’s film installations have taken on many guises. She has likened them to handbags: "because there is room in them for everything: painting, technology, language, music, flowing pictures, poetry, commotion, premonitions of death, sex and friendliness.’ Rist draws together inner and outer worlds of kaleidoscopic colour and wonderment."

Samira Yamin (@samirayamin)

LA guide, Sharón Zoldan (@sharonzoldan), says Samira Yamin is an LA based artist on the rise, who has "an incredible eye for details, and her Instagram feed is a perfect extension of the beautiful symmetry she finds in the every day."

Matthew Griffin (@contemporaryary)

Our veteran Melbourne guide, Melissa Loughnan (@utopianmel) recommends New York based Australian artist Matthew Griffin.  This artist's feed is full of tongue in cheek photoshopped works that poke fun at contemporary culture. 

David aiu Servan-Schreiber (@davidaiu)

In 2017 some artists feel that they have a responsibility to be political with their work. David aiu Servan-Schreiber promotes his message to protect the earth from climate change through his art and instagram, which is why he’s a favorite of London guide Marine Tanguy (@marinetanguyart).  His Instagram bio reads, “I am an Artist who cares about the climate change”.  Go beyond his bio for images of his art, inspiration, and personal life.

Tschabalala Self (@tschabalalaself)

Tschabalala Self’s Instagram is as colorful and eye-catching as her artwork.  Our Parisian art guide Judith Souriau (@untitled_consulting) said about Self, “I like her humour and energy.”  That humour and energy both come across in Self’s feed and it’s definitely worth a follow.  

Nitzan Mintz (@nitzanmintz)

Yael Shapira (@alternativetlv) also recommends Nitzan Mintz for some street art inspiration.  Shapira told us, “Nitzan Mintz is a street poet or ‘visual poet’ as she puts it. Her art is a very unique work with letters but it doesn't really fit in the classic category of ‘graffiti’, even though it could be considered as ‘street art’. Her distinct signature fonts cover walls all over the world and she also exhibit studio pieces in various art spaces. Be sure to also follow the artist Dede, her studio mate and life partner (@dedebandaid)”

Max Maslansky (@bathos_country)

LA based guide, Sharón Zoldan (@sharonzoldan) love the feed of artist Max Maslansky.  Zoldan said, “his work is sexy and funny. His figurative painting of 1970s porn stills are instantly recognizable. Following his feed on Instagram is a total kick. He mines the internet to post random photos of outrageous memes and hilarious moments forever preserved on the internet for all to see. His current obsession: crabs.”

Douglas Mandry (@douglasmandry)

Diana Poole (@diana_poole_photography), our Zurich insider, recommends emerging artist, Douglas Mandry. Poole told us, “his focus is on manipulating and distorting the materiality of the photographic medium in order to examine our representations of, and relation with, the natural world. He reworks prints through retouching, puncturing, rubbing, disintegrating, adding light, smoke and texture - often allowing an element of chance, the results are always mesmerizing.”

Jessica Tamar Deutsch (@jessica_tamar_deutsch) 

Jenna Romano (@jenna_h_romano) loves the adorable illustrations that fill Jessica Deutsch's Instagram feed.  Her colorful sketches of street scenes and flowers stand out against the millions of photos on the app.  If you want to see more of her work check out her new book 'The Illustrated Pirkei Avot: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Ethics'.