Javier Garcia is a graffiti writer and street art guide at Cooltourspain project. He became interested with the wild style at the age of 12 when still at middle school. His connection to Madrid's local community of urban artists will offer you a unique opportunity to hear stories about this underground culture. Javier's teaching background will also allow you to learn the techniques used while coloring the streets, either legally or under the radar.



Madrid's street art scene changes daily thanks to the contribution of local, national and international graffiti writers. They decorate the streets of Spain's capital with their bombing style, paste-ups or stickers. The number of avant garde events and urban art festivals per year is continuously increasing and we can even observe how the city council's involvement is rising. Cooltourspain is 100% committed to the promotion of the street art in town.



Javier became famous in Lavapiés neighborhood after offering daily street art tours in Madrid. His services include unique experiences related to the graffiti movement: walking tours, bike tours and workshops.

The street art tours he run will teach you about the history of the stencil art, the techniques used by graffiti writers and insider details of how artists live in this underground movement. 

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